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Alien: Isolation PC Port Early Impressions

Alien: Isolation has been out on PC for a grand total of five hours (at the time of writing this sentence), and I’ve spent, ooh, about half an hour playing it. We only got review…

By: Tim McDonald

Alien Isolation released early – Out now on Steam

Here’s something a little unusual, SEGA has released Alien: Isolation early on Steam. The game was supposed to unlock at midnight but SEGA has decided to release the game early and it’s available right now. The…

By: Paul Younger

New Total War revealed as Total War: Attila

UPDATE: Details added. ORIGINAL STORY: Creative Assembly have just announced Total War: Attila, the much-teased new Total War game. Details are thin on the ground right now as the reveal is still going on, but…

By: Tim McDonald

Total War EGX booth images hint at next game reveal

Some images leaked out of EGX show Creative Assembly’s Total War booth, offering hints at tomorrow’s new game reveal. Unfortunately, they are just hints, because somebody took the (rather sensible, I suppose) step of obscuring…

By: Peter Parrish

Alien: Isolation trailer wants to hear you scream

Alien: Isolation trailer wants to hear you scream

A new Alien: Isolation trailer, titled Hear You Scream, has been released. “Trailer” seems a bit much, though. This 48-second video is about 19 seconds of actual gameplay footage, and the rest is logos and…

By: Tim McDonald

New Total War game announcement in two weeks

Creative Assembly have revealed that they’ll be revealing a new Total War title in two weeks’ time. The reveal will take place at EGX London on 25 September – two weeks on Thursday – at…

By: Tim McDonald

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