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Thief Preview [E3 2013]

I’m worried. Moreso than perhaps any other game series, I want a new Thief to be flawless. I’m the sort of irritating Thief nerd who knows how to find all the hidden rooms in Constantine’s…

By: Peter Parrish

Batman: Arkham Origins Preview [E3 2013]

The ethos at work in Warner Bros. Games Montreal with regards to Batman: Arkham Origins appears to be “evolution, not revolution.” Plenty were worried when it was announced that Rocksteady wouldn’t be handling the latest…

By: Tim McDonald

Six Day Z screens lurch into the open

Bohemia Interactive have released six screenshots from what I’m assuming is the forthcoming stand-alone version of open-world zombie-evader Day Z. There’s a mix of environments and atmospheres within: two are darker screens, one in a…

By: Tim McDonald

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