Microsoft E3 2014 Roundup

Microsoft started out classy, with head honcho Phil Spencer naming Sony and Nintendo, and pointing out they were all united in the goal of making fans excited. Getting down to brass tacks, however, they revealed exclusive content/ time exclusivity on several multiplatform games.

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Fable Legends Will Have a Huge E3 Presence

Lionhead’s online co-op spin-off Fable Legends will have a “huge presence at E3”. So sayeth John Needham, studio head and boss of Microsoft’s European publishing team. He also says it’s “one of the most beautiful games on the Xbox One right now.” Fable: Anniversary was an opportunity to prepare the ground for Legends, Needham said. New to Legends? It pits four player- or AI-controlled heroes against one, player or AI-controlled villain – the latter must arrange traps, enemies and the like to obliterate the former as they explore a primordial Albion.

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