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Latest Magicka Updates

Latest Humble Bundle is a Paradox

The latest Humble Bundle is all about Paradox games, offering everything from Magicka to Europa Universalis 4. Naturally, it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend, so let’s look at the obligatory Humble…

By: Tim McDonald

Magicka WOOT DLC released

Paradaox has released the Magicka WOOT DLC today and guess what? It’s completely free. The WOOT DLC is rather fittingly Olympic themed as the wizards head to a wizarding competition in the land of Midgard….

By: Paul Younger

Magicka’s Olympic-themed DLC is suitably deadly

Arrowhead Games are throwing copyright caution to the wind and releasing a free, Player-vs-Player update for Magicka based (vaguely) around the Olympic Games. Except, of course, in this Olympic Games the aim is to blast…

By: Peter Parrish