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Star Wars 1313

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Star Wars 1313 now even more dead than before

Alas, the Star Wars title described as “the one that actually looks quite good” – Star Wars 1313 – is now even more dead than it was before, as Disney have allowed the game’s trademark…

By: Tim McDonald

Star Wars 1313: What we know so far

To say that Lucasarts is being tight with the information about Star Wars 1313 would be a bit like suggesting the Emperor was “slightly put out” by the destruction of the Death Star. It’s quite…

By: Peter Parrish

Star Wars 1313 details revealed

LucasArts has divulged a few more details about Star Wars 1313 (such as confirming that as the name, for a start) in a press release struggling against the weight of terrible PR buzzwords. This is…

By: Peter Parrish