Latest Tekken 8 gameplay trailer showcases Jin Kazama

Tekken 8 Trailer Jin Kazama Close-Up
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Just a little while ago, Bandai Namco uploaded another in a recent string of character trailers for the upcoming Tekken 8. This trailer specifically showcases Jin Kazama, who awoke from his long slumber in Tekken 7 to finish off his father, Kazuya Mishima, once and for all. Those who have followed Tekken 8 since its announcement will know that its gameplay emphasizes aggression, much more than past titles. Additionally, it embellishes the classic Tekken formula with more flashy attacks and visual effects than usual. Longtime Tekken fans will definitely want to check out this trailer and see how Tekken 8 translates Jin Kazama’s playstyle into this revamped gameplay system.

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Tekken 8 Jin Kazama gameplay is on point in the trailer

Although the trailer does show off moves that fans will recognize, it spends much more time depicting Jin’s explosive new tricks. Unlike in past games, Jin appears fully in control of his devil powers this time around. Previously, players could only make use of Jin’s devil powers when controlling his alter ego, Devil Jin. But in Tekken 8, Jin can seamlessly incorporate devil-based attacks into his standard moveset.

Is Devil Jin making a return?

Of course, this brings up the question of whether or not Tekken 8 still features Devil Jin as a separate, playable character. Notably, the Kazuya trailer that Bandai Namco revealed last week showed that he retains his on-the-fly devil transformation from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 7. On the other hand, the Jin trailer does not feature a dedicated devil transformation, so it remains possible that Devil Jin will remain playable. However, I wouldn’t count on it, as it seems that the developers want to sell Jin’s newfound synergy with his devil side.

Either way, the new Tekken 8 trailer should appeal to Jin fans who have waited to see some kind of progression for the character ever since Tekken 6‘s controversial portrayal of him. Hopefully, we will know if Jin truly has changed for the better in whichever story mode Tekken 8 chooses to adopt.

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