How to use the Telemeter in The Invincible

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The Invincible takes you to the far-flung planet of Regis III, where you play as a biologist named Yasna who is tasked by her Astrogator (captain) to rescue her other crewmates. Along the way, you’ll uncover mysteries and danger as you struggle to remember the events prior.

The game gives you plenty of different challenges and puzzles to overcome, but also provides you with a wide variety of tools to use in these situations. Sure, you’ll face some tough obstacles, but you won’t have to go it alone with just your hands. One of these helpful pieces of equipment is the Telemeter, which is an adjustable telescope that you can use to view items from afar. In this guide, we will cover how to use the Telemeter in The Invincible, so continue reading to learn everything we know about it!

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How do you use the Telemeter?

The Invincible game Telemeter
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The Telemeter is one of the first items in the game that you will learn to use as Yasna, and for good reason. You’ll need to use it as you make your way back to the base camp your crewmates have set up, which is your first major objective. From then on, it will come in handy to scout out the path up ahead — but you can also use it for some sneaky stargazing, just like me! In fact, I do have to guiltily admit that the Telemeter is my favorite tool for exactly that reason.

In order to activate it, press the ‘Z‘ key on your keyboard and Yasna will equip it immediately. Then, you can zoom in and out by using the ‘W‘ and ‘S‘ keys accordingly, with W zooming you in and S zooming you out. If you’d like to use the auto-focus ability with the Telemeter, left-click your screen after putting the object you would like to focus on in the center. However, this may not always work, so manually adjusting your focus with the ‘A‘ and ‘D‘ keys after you’ve auto-focused is what we recommend. Of course, you can also unequip the Telemeter by pressing the Z key again, or for some weird reason ‘F‘. However, in my experience playing the game, the F key doesn’t equip the Telemeter, so this must just be a one-off thing. Have fun exploring the stars, and remember to bring a spare tank of oxygen along the way!

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