Temtem Crema Creature Collecting Mmo Early Access Trailer

‘Twas the night before Temtem‘s Early Access launch, when out of nowhere Crema and Humble Bundle gifted us an anime-style trailer. The online creature collector has a lot in common with Pokémon, and all aspects of the game are constantly being compared to the more famous franchise. This trailer is only going to fuel the fire of those who think it’s just a Pokémon copy.

The music and the optimistic tone smack heavily of a Pokémon theme song. While the game does draw a lot of inspiration from Pokémon, it also has a lot of unique ideas that make it more than just a clone. I do think Temtem should be doing a little more to distance itself from its Nintendo counterpart. Also, “Temtem up” just isn’t as catchy as “Gotta catch ’em all”.

The future of Temtem

There’s been a lot of talk (and begging from fans of the new title) about whether Temtem would develop its own anime series. The Temtem anime trailer, created by Sunshine Animation Studio, might be the first hint that Crema and Humble Bundle are toying with the idea of an anime. If Temtem is going to draw any more inspiration from Pokémon, it should draw on the strategy used to build Pokémon into the phenomenon it is today.

Follow up the game with Temtem action figures, plushies, and branded merchandise. Maybe a board game. Create peripheral content that supports the game and its updates. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full-on anime series, it could just be a limited YouTube series. Eventually, make a hilarious movie about a detective Temtem starring Ryan Reynolds.

Temtem has one big advantage over Pokémon, though: its world is online. Fans can live in it together all the time. With the right marketing strategy, it could grow to rival Pokémon.

Temtem Pigepic Plush

The Pigepic plushie created for some Kickstarter backers. Fans would pay money for this.

We’ll be following the developments of Temtem closely as it continues to develop throughout Early Access. We’ll also be producing guides to help you be the best tamer you can be. If you need some help decided which Temtem you should choose as your starter, we’ve already got a guide for that.

Temtem will be available for PC through Humble Bundle and Steam starting on January 21. See you in the Airborne Archipelago.

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