Temtem How To Beat Rawiri In Mokupuni Dojo

There are two Dojos on the island of Omninesia, but you can’t get into the one yet. You might remember you saw its Dojo leader Tihani frolicking around in Turquesa. The Dojo you can get into is Mokupuni Dojo. This guide will tell you all you need to know to beat its leader Rawiri and his Fire and Nature-type Temtem.

Rawiri’s Fire and Nature-type combination is challenging to deal with. You want to use your Water-types to deal with his Fire-types, but then his Nature-types deal double damage to your Water-types. And you have no Fire-types at this point in the game to help you deal with the Nature-types. You can use Saku and Loali’s Toxic-type techniques to deal with the Nature-types, but they are weak to the Fire-types. It’s a vicious cycle.

The best Temtem to beat Rawiri in Mokupuni Dojo

There are two Temtem from the first island that deal relatively well with both Fire and Nature-types. They are Saipat and Kalabyss. Both are Water-types, so they will take reduced damage from Rawiri’s Fire-types and can use their Water techniques to deal double damage in return. Both Saipat and Kalabyss also learn a Toxic-type technique from leveling, so they have a move that is effective against Rawiri’s Nature-types.

Saipat And Kalabyss Ready To Rock

Saipat and Kalabyss ready to rock

Kalabyss is particularly effective because it is a Water and Toxic-type hybrid, so it benefits from the same-type attack bonus (STAB). STAB increases the damage of a technique by 50% if the technique is the same type as the Temtem. Saipat can have the Toxic affinity trait, which causes Toxic techniques it performs to deal 50% damage. Basically, it gives Saipat the STAB for Toxic techniques. In a poor matchup, Kalabyss can also use Strangle to prevent the enemy that is a greater threat from attacking. The downside to these two Temtem is they will both take double damage from Rawiri’s Nature-types.

To help you deal with Rawiri’s Nature-type Temtem, there are some non-Water-type Temtem that can learn Toxic-type techniques. You can teach Tateru or Ganki Noxious Bomb by picking up the TC007: Noxious Bomb Technique Course in the Canopath in Omninesia. Just make sure Ganki doesn’t have the Botanophobia trait — it will take more damage from Nature techniques. Barnshe and Tuwai can also be taught Noxious Bomb, but Barnshe is rare so it is tough to farm and your starter Tuwai doesn’t have amazing Single Value (SV) stats.

Surprise Contenders Tateru Ganki And Pigepic

Surprise contenders Tateru, Ganki, and Pigepic

As for the Fire-types, you can breed a Pigepic with the Sharp Rain technique. Sharp Rain is a very high-damage Water-type technique, but it requires a few turns to charge up. You are probably better off just using a couple of Water-types to kill Rawiri’s Fire-types in a few hits.

The one Temtem that’s out of place

Rawiri has one Neutral-type Temtem, a Luma Tateru. If you chose Houchic as your starter Temtem, this is going to be very easy for you. You can knock it out in a couple of hits with your Mental-type techniques. Even if you didn’t choose Houchic, Tateru isn’t going to give you much hassle. Any of the Temtem you’re bringing to deal with the rest of Rawiri’s team will do a fine job.

How to beat Rawiri in Mokupuni Dojo

First off, make sure you pick up the Ice Cube on the left side of the Dojo after you beat the two tamers there. It will reduce Fire-type damage against one of your Temtem by 20%. Don’t forget to give it to one of your Temtem to hold.

The best strategy to deal with Rawiri involves the order you play your Temtem. He will open with Deendre and Tateru. Deendre has Mithridatism, which makes it immune to the Poisoned status condition. So, don’t bother with techniques like Toxic Spores. Just have one of your Temtem with a Toxic technique out and use that to take down Deendre. As mentioned earlier, Tateru can be easily erased with Houchic.

If you’ve got a Nature-type out, Rawiri will likely bring out his Fire-types. Just attack until one of your Temtem goes down, then bring out one of your Water-types. Don’t blow their entire load of Stamina on taking out Magmis or Banapi; Raize is the strongest of the Fire-types and you want to save something for him. You really need to take it down before it can attack with Fire Tornado. I’d have a second Water-type in my team as a precautionary measure. Two Water-types are enough to deal with all three of Rawiri’s Fire-types.

Rawiris Most Powerful Temtem Fire Type Raize And Nature Type Taifu

Rawiri’s most powerful Temtem: Nature-type Taifu and Fire-type Raize

Your only remaining challenge is going to be taking down his Taifu. Taifu can be a nuisance because it can buff both enemy Temtem’s defense with Bark Shield. If it survives a couple of turns with Raize, you’re going to have a Fire Tornado hell storm on your hands. Make sure your Water-types have some decent Neutral techniques to help your Temtem with Toxic techniques takedown Taifu.

The best team composition for defeating Rawiri

If you have Houchic, make sure it’s in your lineup. It’s going to get you off to a really good start. Support Houchic with a Temtem that has a Toxic-type technique. Saku and Loali are really good options as they will be resistant to Deendre’s Nature techniques.

You ideally want a Tateru or Ganki if you’ve taught them Noxious Bomb. If not, Saipat and Kalabyss are good alternatives, particularly Kalabyss because of the STAB damage buff. As for your Water-types, I used Umishi. You can also use Pewki, Piraniant, Ukama, Kalazu, Nessla, or Oceara. They all have Water techniques that deal a solid amount of damage.

There are numerous team compositions you can use. An ideal one would be Houchic, Saku, Tateru with Noxious Bomb, Kalabyss, Saipat, and a Pigepic with Sharp Rain.

If you’re still making your way through the first island and need help beating the first Dojo or winning the battle against Max in Arissola, we’ve got guides to help you. We’ve also got guides that can help with a bunch of other things along your Temtem journey. You can check them all out on our Temtem guide hub.

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