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This week in Temtem, the FreeTem! Organisation will reward players with 25 Silicon Chunks and in the Saipark you can capture powered up versions of Kalazu and Raiber. The FreeTem reward and Saipark Temtem for this weekly reset will be available from February 24 to March 1.

Temtem Week Feb 24 To Mar 1 Freetem Reward Silicon Chunks Saipark Temtem Kalazu Raiber

Here’s a snapshot of the weekly reset from the Temtem Twitter account.

FreeTem! reward

Silicon Chunks might not seem like the best reward from FreeTem considering previous ones have been Temtem DNA strands, a unique shirt, and a hairstyle – all of which are usually incredibly expensive. Plus, you’ll need to catch and release 250 Temtem to get this week’s reward. That’s on the higher end of what FreeTem requires from tamers.

However, Silicon Chunks can be sold for 799 Pansuns each. Multiply that by 25 and you’ve got yourself a small fortune of 19,975 Pansuns. Almost four times the value of the Mighty DNA strand tamers could earn in week three for the same amount of Temtem captured and released.

Saipark Temtem

Last week, Crema unveiled Temtem‘s new endgame area, the Saipark. It was met with a lot of criticism, as players spent thousands of Pansuns trying to catch rare and Luma Temtem. The Temtem in the park this week are not rare. Instead, they can be caught with higher SV stats and they could possess an Egg Move. The fee for the Saipark this week is also lower than it was last time around. And the amount of Saicards you get is considerably higher – 40 instead of five.

At the start of the weekly reset, players were catching Temtem with seven perfect SVs. Of course, they were ecstatic. But Crema has since reduced the chance of this happening and players are complaining about the Saipark again.

I think Crema is doing the right thing. Lumas and Temtem with perfect SVs should be rare and hard to come by. They are the pinnacle of Temtem. You shouldn’t be guaranteed one. And you certainly shouldn’t be able to get one without considerable effort.

Temtem Luma Temtem Owned

Crema’s plan for the Saipark has become a lot clearer in week two. Each week, it will be targeting a specific aspect of the game. In week one, it was Luma hunting – Oceara and Barnshe could be encountered with double the chance of them being Luma. In week two, Kalazu and Raiber have higher stats and chances of an Egg Move. This is clearly targeting breeding. Players need to check the Temtem weekly reset and decide if the Saipark suits their needs that week. If not, don’t waste your Pansuns.

If you need help with other aspects of Temtem, you can check out our guides hub here.

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