Black Ops Cold War Fireteam

A game unique to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is Fireteam: Dirty Bomb. This game mode has 40 players fight over various bomb sites and defuse them to win. In total, there are currently two maps in the rotation. Your play style in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Fireteam will differ from regular multiplayer modes. Overall, the maps are significantly larger and you can equip armor plates. As a result, you will need a class to cater for this game mode. The Call of Duty community has discovered some viable attachments to make you successful in this playlist.

To begin, the Krig 6 is a powerful primary weapon in this game mode. So far, this weapon has proved to be a fan-favorite. The Muzzle Brake 5.56 attachment improves your vertical recoil control. Also, the 19.7” Takedown Barrel has proved powerful as it increases your effective damage range by 150%. Next, the Field Agent Grip boosts both your vertical and horizontal recoil control even further. The combination of these attachments will give you virtually no recoil when using the weapon.

The Speed Tape Handle has proved to be important as it increases you aim down sight time. This is important when in a lobby with numerous enemies, as it allows you to snap onto players quicker. Finally, the Wire Stock improves your sprint to fire time, giving your class more mobility. If you prefer to use an Optic on your Krig 6, you may want to use the Visiontech 2X to spot enemies that are further away. This will allow you to protect the bomb site from potential enemies trying to make their way to it, either on foot or on a vehicle.

Black Ops Cold War Fireteam Krig

Run and gun with your secondary weapon

In terms of your secondary weapon, a submachine gun is a popular choice. In particular, the MP5 can dominate in close, and medium range engagements. Firstly, the 9.5” Reinforced Heavy Barrel betters your damage range and increases your muzzle velocity by 80%. Pairing this attachment with the Foregrip Underbarrel gives you more control as it improves your horizontal recoil control. Since you will be engaging in many gunfights, players tend to use the 40 Round Drum Magazine in order to maximize ammo capacity.

The Airborne Elastic Wrap Handle can be game changing. This attachment will enhance your aim down sight time and provide you with 90% flinch resistance. Moreover, you can aim while going prone, allowing you to take advantage of the dropshot movement. To complete your Fireteam: Dirty Bomb MP5 class, the Tactical Stock has the effect of adding 10% to you aim walking movement speed.

Black Ops Cold War MP5

Drop into Fireteam: Dirty Bomb now!

With this Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War loadout, you are well equipped to earn your team an all important victory in Fireteam. The Krig 6 will easily allow you to pick up long range kills and protect the bomb site. This powerful class will also allow you to shred through enemy armor plates. In addition, the MP5 will allow you to work around the buildings and kill players camping around the objective.

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