The Dark Pictures Anthology The Devil In Me – New Features Release Date November Trailer

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me gets a November release date

Only the essentials.

Series one of the The Dark Pictures Anthology will conclude with The Devil In Me, now confirmed for a November release date. Developer Supermassive Games isn’t about to let its final chapter go without some interesting surprises, though. The Devil In Me will feature some gameplay upgrades. Yes, you will finally have a useful inventory.

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The release date news for The Devil In Me came earlier today during the Future Games Show. It came at the tail end of a new trailer, which showcased some enhancements that should be more than welcome to fans. Better exploration mechanics? We got them. A working inventory for characters? Got that, too. Puzzle solving will also be more in-depth, challenging you to track down codes or “untangle antique fuse boxes.”


The upgrades to the game certainly look promising. I’ve played every game in the anthology since launch, and an actual inventory almost feels revolutionary at this point. It’s not, obviously. But the game will be the first in the series to let you decide on when to use a microphone, camera, and hopefully a flashlight at your own leisure. So much of these games have focused on slowly guiding a character through hallways, but now it feels like we’ve gotten more agency in what they do.

The Devil won’t have to wait much longer

You’ll need to set some time aside for The Devil In Me once its release date lands. It’ll be the longest game yet in the series, coming in at over seven hours. However, you don’t have to do it alone. Like before, you can invite a friend to join you for some online or local co-op.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me could be the last game in the series for a while. Supermassive is setting it up as the last game in the first season. There are plans for a second season, however, as the developer has filed trademarks for five more Dark Pictures games.

Until then, you can check out The Devil In Me when it launches on November 18.

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