Gamescom 2015

The Gamescom 2015 Gallery

Earlier this week I popped over to Cologne for this year’s Gamescom, and it was as mental as ever with the halls packed full of eager gamers wanting to get a glimpse at the new titles.

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On Thursday the heat in Cologne was intense and the public areas were quite unpleasant. On Wednesday I had fortunately taken a quick run around the show and snapped a few pics before things got too mental in the public areas. Thousands of gamers plus a 35 degree heat is not a good combination; it can get quite… fragrant.

I got the fear on Friday morning because I found myself in the main public concourse when the doors opened to the public. Hundreds of kids were running towards me as they made a dash for the demo areas and I had to run for cover. You have to feel sorry for the staff who have had to work the event stands for the whole week.

There’s always so much to see at Gamescom and it would be impossible to capture everything, but I thought I’d post up a few pics for fun. I’ll apologise in advance for the picture of the food truck: it’s juvenile, I know, but I couldn’t resist.

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