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The House of the Dead: Remake infests the PC with zombies and bad voice acting next week

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Sega and MegaPixel Studio are bringing The House of the Dead: Remake to PC next week. That’s practically a new record for the duo, as the developer’s last remake, Panzer Dragoon, sat perched on the Nintendo Switch for months before coming over. The House of the Dead: Remake came out only two weeks ago. Now, it heads to PC via Steam, GOG, and Google Stadia on April 28.

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As you may have realized by the name, The House of the Dead: Remake ironically breathes new life into the 1996 arcade game. It was one of Sega’s finest, and most popular light gun games. There was a port to both the Sega Saturn and PC in later years, but it, and its many light gun sequels, never made it to Steam proper. We’ll have to make do with the remake, for now.


Regardless, fans should be happy for the news. The remake was built first for the Switch, but there were criticisms regarding its performance. Nintendo’s little handheld can only do so much, and MegaPixel was ambitious with the remake. The game has a robust lighting engine, casting light and shadow around the cursed major like never before. As it was, the Switch version suffered from frame drops and texture pop-ins. On PC, The House of the Dead: Remake should shine much brighter — even if it, too, gets capped at 60 fps like Panzer Dragoon was.

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The House of the Dead: Remake already has a Steam page, detailing what’s coming in the port — including the requirements. It promises “gyro aiming,” which may be accurate or a remainder of the Switch version’s description. The game still boasts two-player co-op, but it’ll be local only. Like the original, it also comes with multiple endings based on how you play. The remake additions include achievements, a photo mode, a new Horde mode (way more zombies), a remade soundtrack, an enemy gallery, and an armory with unlockable weapons.

A sequel to the remake should also be in the works.

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