Dice La Back On The Ea Battlefield Train Despite Earlier Plans (2)

It’s been two and a half years since a new Battlefield game was released, so we’ve been wondering just when we’d see the next entry in EA’s multiplayer shooter franchise. Battlefield V was set during World War II and released in November 2018. Although people seemed to enjoy the game, there was some consternation regarding the smaller amount of initial content available. We still don’t know when or where the upcoming game will be set. And we don’t yet know when it’ll release, either, even if November of this year is probably a good guess. Thanks to Twitter, however, we do know when we’ll know when we’ll see the reveal for the next Battlefield game.

This morning, the Battlefield Twitter page put out a cryptic tweet. It simply said “#Battlefield Reveal June 9″ alongside an eight-second clip stating that the reveal would be at 10 AM EST. The page followed up asking people to subscribe, along with a couple of annoying emojis on account of this being 2021. At the very least, the page didn’t request that users like and comment, so at least we were spared from that. We’ve now got eight days to wait for what I’m sure will be a breathtaking reveal of a game that plays a lot like the last one did.


The next Battlefield reveal is set

The Battlefield series has been one of EA’s tentpoles for nearly two decades now, getting started in 2002 with Battlefield 1942. That game was developed by DICE, the same studio that’s been in charge of the series this entire time. Since then, the game has moved to different eras, and even had a couple of spin-offs with a larger single-player focus than the mainline series. There’s no telling just what this reveal will have in store for us, but we’ll have the details in full on June 9. Maybe there’ll be a war on the moon or something like that.

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