The Survivalists: Where to find metal ingots, gold ingots, and gems

The Survivalists Metal Ingot Gold Ingot Gems

Let’s say you’re aware of the basics of crafting in The Survivalists, what happens next? Well, it’s very likely that you’ll encounter recipes with ingredients and materials that are impossible to find. They’re probably metal ingots, gold ingots, and gems, right?. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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The Survivalists: Finding high-end materials – Metal ingots, gold ingots, and gems

The reason you can’t find these materials is that they’re not on the first island in The Survivalists. That’s right, you’ll need to sail to other islands to look for these precious minerals.

Just to clarify:

  • Metal ingots – Rocky nodes with silver ore.
  • Gold ingots – Rocky nodes with golden nuggets.
  • Gems – Rocky nodes with red stones/lava.

Srvl Metgm 1

Now, even if you’re on a raft and you spot maybe one or two curious-looking nodes, it’s not always guaranteed that these resources will be plenty. That’s because metal ingots, gold ingots, and gems are more common in the volcanic biome.

The thing is, volcanic biomes are deadly in The Survivalists. Walking on burning hot ground will deplete your character’s health. However, there are two workarounds.

The first is by completing the Mysterious Stranger’s second task (your second encounter) which nets you an Elixir. Using the Elixir makes you temporarily immune from harmful terrain effects in volcanic or swampy areas. The bottle will be emptied after one use, but you can refill it again by making a Cooking Pot and boiling clean water.

Srvl Metgm 2

The other method is by bringing several monkey companions as you’re sailing around. Once you find a volcanic biome with lots of nodes, use the “train” command, mine one node, then quickly pass your pickaxe to the monkeys.

They should handle the whole workload for you. All you need to do is loot the metal ingots, gold ingots, or gems left behind. If you do take a bit of damage, just eat some food to keep your character in tip-top condition.

The Survivalists Metal Ingot Gold Ingot Gems 1

It’s even better if you find a volcanic biome with a nearby cave. In my case, the one I spotted had several mineral nodes that I depleted. When I headed back outside, I was lucky enough to get the “world replenishment” notification. Upon entering the cave once more, I found that several nodes respawned.

Anyway, try to remember these farming locations. Much later as you progress in The Survivalists, you might even craft a teleporter, one that links your island to this more inhospitable place. You’ve got a decent farming run for metal ingots, gold ingots, and gems all planned out.

The Survivalists Metal Ingot Gold Ingot Gems 2

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