Titanfall 2: How to fix Contacting Respawn Servers error

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Randomly, Titanfall 2 is back in people’s minds again, and for good reason. With new life coming to the multiplayer section of the game, it seems to be off to a somewhat good start. The shooter helped change the genre where both Battlefield and Call of Duty were making it stagnant. By including these larger-than-life titans each with their play style, players can create over-the-top fight-fire fights. Mixing in the mobility of the pilot, you got a very cool formula. Sadly, the game was overshadowed by the two juggernauts in Battlefield and CoD, and it faded away. Ever since Respawn Entertainment has expanded the universe of Titanfall by adding in the battle royal Apex Legends, which includes legends that are connected to Titanfall, players have been asking for a third game. However, even though multiplayer is back for Titanfall 2, some users are having issues getting into a match. This guide will show how to fix the Contacting Respawn Servers error in Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2: How to fix Contacting Respawn Servers error

Although we’re not getting any more news on Respawn’s new single-player game, this new lease on life for the shooter should hold you over till then. But of course, there are issues with the multiplayer shooter. So let’s fix it and get back into a very fun game. ‘

  • Restart your modem: This is probably the most common way to fix the issue for you. Depending on the make of your router times will vary for how long to unplug it. I unplug it for around 30 seconds and the game usually works after that.
  • Use a wired connection: Even though Wi-Fi gives you the freedom to play away from your access point, having a wired connection will give you consistent internet. If you’re planning to stream Titanfall 2, wired could alleviate the pressure.
  • Check Servers: When people are jumping into the game at once, this can cause stress to the servers. Go to Respawn’s social media sites to see if it’s on the client’s side.
  • Clean install: Do this step if the above methods don’t work. This should be a last-ditch effort, because when you uninstall the game, everything resets, including the network connection. 
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