Torchlight Iii Torchlight 3 Fazeer's Dun'djinn Guide Fazeers Dundjinn Guide

Torchlight III: Fazeer’s Dun’djinn guide

Yep, this is the endgame.
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As you make your way through Torchlight III’s third act and defeat the campaign’s final boss, you’ll eventually gain access to Fazeer’s Dun’djinn. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Torchlight III guide: The Fazeer’s Dun’djinn endgame

Unlocking the dungeon

After finishing Torchlight III‘s campaign, you’re told to speak with a couple of NPCs to obtain Fazeer’s Dun’djinn as an item.

Head over to your fort and place the structure. This will give you access to the activity.

Tl3 Faz Dj Activity 1

Fazeer’s Dun’djinn challenge mechanics

Fazeer’s Dun’djinn presents you with several “challenge levels.” Clicking on one shows you a set of three cards. Each card presents you with specific mobs, locations, and modifiers. Below, you’ll see examples of some of the modifiers.

Positive Modifier Effect Negative Modifier Effect
Gold Lucky +100% Gold Luck Shifting Shackles Every three minutes, a random skill slot is disabled.
Gear Lucky +50% Gear Luck Spiky There are spike traps throughout the environment.
Harvest Lucky +100% chance for bonus resources from harvesting Double Health Doubles the health of mobs.
Lifebound Scroll Lucky +60% Lifebound Scroll drop rate Cloaked 20% of mobs turn invisible.
Godsbeard’s Glove +50% Potion Luck; reduce potion cooldown by 50% Blazing 30% chance for monsters to blast flames.
Infamous Gain double fame from champion and boss kills Dividing 50% chance that monsters split into smaller mobs.
Berserk Pet +60% pet damage, movement, and attack speed Nether Well 30% chance that monsters spawn a portal that slows you.
Icebreaker +25% crit chance vs. chilled or frozen enemies Corked Quadruples the cooldown of your potion.
Savage +25% crit chance vs. bleeding enemies Status: Immune Enemies are immune to status effects.

Note: You’ll see a different combination for certain cards. You could end up with various results depending on the type of mobs, the biome, and the modifiers.

Tl3 Faz Dj Activity 2

Regarding mobs and biomes, these are the same denizens and locations you’ve seen throughout Torchlight III‘s campaign.

You’re also given tasks while you’re dungeoneering, such as picking up purple quest items dropped by mobs.

Torchlight Iii Torchlight 3 Fazeer's Dun'djinn Guide Fazeers Dundjinn Guide 1

After completing the objective, you’ll head to the next area. Here, you’ll battle one of Torchlight III‘s bosses (usually the ones you’ve encountered in regular maps and dungeons).

Torchlight Iii Torchlight 3 Fazeer's Dun'djinn Guide Fazeers Dundjinn Guide 3

When you finish the challenge levels in a set, an extra modifier will be applied to the next set of challenges (i.e., 4 to 7, 8 to 11, and so on).

Note: If you die at any time in Fazeer’s Dun’djinn, you’ll restart at the first challenge level of a set.

Torchlight Iii Torchlight 3 Fazeer's Dun'djinn Guide Fazeers Dundjinn Guide 2b

Torchlight III‘s endgame loop

As mentioned in our official review, I did find this endgame loop a bit bland. We’ve seen the same mechanics via the MapWorks Dungeons, and these immediately pitted you against bosses for quick loot.

Still, if the Fazeer’s Dun’djinn activity in Torchlight III keeps you engaged, then more power to you.

Torchlight Iii Torchlight 3 Fazeer's Dun'djinn Guide Fazeers Dundjinn Guide 2

Torchlight III is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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