rome 2 patch 15 beta (8)

I don’t think Pontus wear yellow any more. This makes me sad.

Patch support continues for Total War: Rome 2 (recently re-branded as the Emperor Edition with the addition of a free campaign,) and today’s update fixes a few civil war and political issues. It’s not one of those gigantic patches where swathes of gameplay elements are rejigged, but it does purport to mend a couple of flaws.

According to the notes, Civil Wars should no longer trigger at under 50% influence for two party factions. In addition, the “wrong minimum Political Influence” causing Civil War in four-party factions is said to have been mended too.

Steam should automatically update your version of Total War: Rome 2 Emperor Edition. If it doesn’t, try restarting Steam. The patch is only 36mb or so in size, but it has to do a fair bit of file allocation so it does take a while to actually update.

Here’s the full list of changes:

• Fix for Civil War triggering at under 50% influence for 2 party factions.
• Fix for wrong minimum Political Influence causing a Civil War in a 4 Party Faction.
• The Mac Steam version of the game will no longer crash, when the Macs system language is set to Turkish, Polish, Russian or Czech.
• In-game movies will now play correctly at 1380×768 resolution.
• Added traditions to Egypt faction in the Imperator Augustus Campaign.
• Reduced Campaign AI priority for recruiting dog units.
• Added description to Armenias political party in Grand Campaign mode.
• A few incorrect effect icons have been corrected.
• Fix for shadows not being cast properly by barbarian fort walls on the battle map.

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