Total War Saga Troy Memnon Epic Missions Guide

As mentioned in our Total War Saga: Troy DLC feature, one of the reasons I liked playing as Memnon was that his epic missions fired early and consistently. This was a far cry compared to other leaders who made you guess when you’d see the next tasks. Here’s our Total War Saga: Troy Memnon epic missions guide to help you with all 13 objectives that you need to complete in case you’re going for a Homeric Victory.

Note: For more information, check out our Total War Saga: Troy guides and features hub. Likewise, you can check our campaign/unique mechanics guide for Memnon. Lastly, be reminded that this guide is based on a Truth Behind the Myth playthrough on veteran (very hard) difficulty.


Total War Saga: Troy Memnon epic missions guide

The turns when you’d receive the 13 epic missions for Memnon in Total War Saga: Troy might be different compared to what I’ve listed down below. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as when you completed the previous task or if Mythical Creature quests get in the way (if you’re playing Mythological Mode). Hopefully, you won’t encounter major issues.

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Epic Mission Action Required or Choices (if any) Other Rewards Estimated Turn/Mean Time to Happen (MTTH)
Servant of Pharaoh Call reinforcements from Napata – This costs 500 food and 820 wood, so you might need to ask the Trojans for some resources. +1000 XP for Memnon
Chosen of Ra (8 turns factionwide) – +10% campaign movement range
Allies on Distant Shores Gift 150 or more gold to Lycia in a single trade – This has to be a single barter without asking for anything in return. Lycian Friendship (8 turns factionwide) – -15% horde building costs; +4 horde growth; +100% administration efficiency for royal decrees 5
The Warrior King Have at least five Camp Followers in an army – Just unlock the cheapest ones. +1500 XP for Memnon; +1000 stone, +2000 wood, and +500 bronze 8
The Gates of Crete Raze Knossos. +2000 XP for all heroes; Knossian Secrets (8 turns factionwide) – +100% administration efficiency for royal decrees 12
A King’s Ambition Choice 1: Vow to Aid Troy – +20 relations with all Pelasgian factions; +5 gold per turn.
Choice 2: Vow to Secure Aethiopia – +10% weapon damage, battle speed, and melee defense for Memnon.
N/A Depends on when you raze Knossos
King of Fools Move any character to Etis (south of Sparta). +2000 XP for all heroes On the same turn after you make your decision regarding A King’s Ambition
The Sword of Peace Raze Sparta. Oaths Unfilfilled (15 turns)
Spartan Gold (8 turns) – -2 turns to enemy siege holdout time; +100% administration efficiency for royal decrees;
+5000 food, +1000 wood, +1000 stone, +500 bronze, and +200 gold
Immediately after you reach Etis
War Marches On Raze or sack 10 different settlements belonging to the Achaeans – This can take you a while because a lot of Greek armies are roaming around. Also, you need to sack different settlements to add to the tally. The Lions of Aethiopia (8 turns factionwide) – +10% missile damage, +15% charge bonus, +10% melee damage, and +15% melee attack for all units Immediately after sacking/razing Sparta
The Shadow of Olympus Choice 1: Honor the Olympians – +200 favor for all Olympian gods.
Choice 2: Respect Your Men’s Faiths – All armies/units become immune to psychology.
N/A Immediately after sacking/razing 10 settlements
Tithonus’ Legacy Have five Sherden Warriors and 60 units in total – This means three full-stack armies (for the units). As for the Sherden Warriors, they come from the territory of Susa. Each activation costs 1,000 wood and 350 gold (and a 3-turn cooldown), so make sure you can prepare ahead. +2000 XP for all heroes; The Blades of Susa (8 turns factionwide) – -15% upkeep costs; +10% morale Immediately after you make your choice regarding The Shadow of Olympus
The Raging Storm Choice 1: Quietly Prepare for Battle – “Fatigue Resistant” attribute, +10% armor, and +10% melee damage for Memnon.
Choice 2: Boast of Your Might – +10% morale for all units in Memnon’s aura; boosts Memnon’s rage generation.
N/A Immediately after completing Tithonus’ Legacy
A Divine Clash Make sure Pththia (Achilles’ faction) is confederated or destroyed – This can happen even without your input, since Achilles seems to get confederated by other Greek majors. In my playthrough, he was fighting under Ajax’s/Salamis’ banners. +2500 XP for all heroes; Breaker of Heroes (8 turns factionwide) – +15% campaign movement range Immediately after making your choice regarding The Raging Storm
The Champion’s Fate Choice 1: Honor Your Trojan Forefathers – -10% upkeep costs and +10% morale for Memnon’s army; Memnon gains “Tireless.”
Choice 2: Honor the Pharaoh – -15% cost of Pharaoh’s Servant reinforcements; +100% income from raiding; +50% income from razing; +50% administration efficiency for royal decrees.
N/A Immediately after completing A Divine Clash

Total War Saga Troy Memnon Epic Missions Guide 2

The Total War Saga: Troy – Rhesus & Memnon DLC is available via Steam and the Epic Games Store. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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