Truck Driver holiday event lets players be long-hauling Santas in the Truck Sim games

Truck Driver Holiday event

Last year, players of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator got to spread Christmas cheer by delivering presents all across the game world. For this year’s Truck Driver holiday event, SCS Software has something a little more special planned. This time around, players must choose themselves which cities need gifts the most, and it will be done as a community.

Each city on the map can receive a certain number of hearts and gifts that can be tracked via World of Trucks, a stat tracking website for the games. A city will receive hearts for how many deliveries it gives, and gifts for how many deliveries it receives. A city can get a maximum of five hearts and five gifts and the status can be reached by giving and receiving as many deliveries as possible.

A city will gain one heart for every 1,000 deliveries players make from it. Likewise, a city will gain one gift for every 1,000 deliveries made to it. Keep in mind that this only counts if players use the event-specific gift cargo. For every 350 gifts/hearts earned during the event, a new community award will be unlocked. If you make 15 deliveries yourself, you can also unlock a personal goal during the event. That personal goal will include an event specific achievement, as well as a winter-themed paint job for your ride.

Truck Driver Holiday event

Jack Frost nipping at your wheels

After 2,100 hearts/gifts have been acquired, all community rewards will be unlocked. It is a team effort that everyone playing the game will have to work towards, which is very appropriate for the season. You must at least complete your own personal goal to unlock any of the community rewards though. It wouldn’t be in the spirit of the season if not, would it?

As rewards unlock for this new Truck Driver holiday event, you can claim yours via the events page on your World of Trucks profile. The event will end at 6:59 PM ET on Sunday, January 17, so you have a month to get trucking. You can get both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator right now on Steam.

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