Twitch Broadcasting Available In March on Xbox One


If you have been waiting on the ability to broadcast your gamplay on Twitch, Microsoft has some good news for you. Starting on March 11th, XBox One users will have the ability to broadcast their gameplay using the Twitch application. This launch will fall in conjunction with the release of Titanfall.

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear told the associated press that players will have the ability to join broadcasters mid-stream, which is lacking from the PS4 counterpart. Twitch has also gone on to report that more than twenty percent of their users were streaming from their PS4 consoles, and hopes that this trend will continue with the release of the Xbox One application. Though Xbox users have had the ability to watch VIA Twitch since the release in 2013, now XBox One users can broadcast their own gameplay battles, and with the release of Titanfall falling in line with this release, I expect a heavy dose of mulitplayer broadcasts from that game alone.

There has been no official word if the ability to join mid-stream will find its way to the PS4 console, but at this time it is only available on XBox One.