Twitch competitor goes live, then gets taken down [update]

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Update (2:12 p.m. PST): According to CNET, apparently was a “test feed” that went live by complete accident. Well, the cat’s out of the bag now, Valve.

Earlier today, websites began reporting the news that Valve — creators of Steam and making scientists in hazard suits look cool — registered the domain name Hours ago, the website went live, however just briefly.

At the time, was only broadcasting The International, a major competition for the game Dota 2. CNET reported that you could log into your Steam account and access your friends list and groups. You could also watch the Dota 2 stream with friends, as well as participate in chat. There was no way at the time to livestream yourself.

The chat function on the site was comparable yet vastly superior to that found in the official Steam Community, CNET said. But inviting friends to watch videos together was a tad finicky. has apparently since been taken down, as going to the site at the time of this writing awards you with a blank white page.

Perhaps it was a little early on the draw. The only show in that town was The International — the main event begins soon on August 20. There’s a good chance the website will be back up in running just in time to kick it off.

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So, could this be fabled Twitch killer? Many websites over the years have tried tackling Amazon’s streaming platform from atop its lofty mountain. Many have failed. Still, with a major company synonymous to gaming like Valve, we could see Twitch maybe getting little concerned.

On the other hand, healthy competition is usually a good thing. If is everything people are hoping for, we may soon witness an enlightened age for video game streaming. And it will be welcome among the mere handful of options.

It all depends on how well Steam integrates its service for streamers. Twitch has practically got things down to a science, offering partnerships and multiple ways for viewers to donate to their favorite Internet personalities. If makes the craft as streamlined as its main competitor, we may see a shift on the horizon.

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