Assassin’s Creed: Unity looks amazing, right? Did you see how many NPC’s were on screen at any given time? Wasn’t the free-running fantastic? Now this is a next gen Assassin’s Creed game! But wait, what about all the Assassin’s Creed fans who are still playing last gen consoles? Lets be honest, more people are still with their PS3/Xbox 360 than the PS4 and Xbox One. Well fear not, Ubisoft have not forgotten the legions of fans who are yet to buy a next gen console.

IGN managed to get a word with Ubisoft’s Tony Key and asked him if Creed fans playing Ps3’s and Xbox 360’s can expect any more assassin goodness? Key said “we haven’t forgotten about our loyal Assassin’s Creed fans on those systems.”

Although everyone is currently buzzing about Unity (and rightly so) lets not forget that there is also an Assassin’s Creed project called Assassin’s Creed: Comet that is rumoured to be seeing a release on last gen consoles. Rumours are all we really have to go ion right now but supposedly it will revolve around a Templar named Shay who will have a maritime adventure set during the Seven Years War during the 18th century. Some people have also suspected that the name Comet refers to Hailey’s comet which was visible from Earth in 1758.

Ubisoft have stated that they are aware that: “Assassin’s Creed has a ton of fans that don’t have a next-gen system,” Key said, “so we’ll do our best to take care of them. As soon as we have something to talk about, we will.”

When IGN asked Key if the console’s will have seperate Assassin’s Creed games he replied that the games need “a lot of resources,” and must make sense from a business perspective. “We can’t do it only out of love,” he added.

“The idea that there are still millions of people playing on current gen is not lost on us,” finished Key.

Source: IGN

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