Returnal Might Be Ready For The Steam Deck

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been porting more and more of its PlayStation exclusives to PC in recent years. And there are still some big hitters that PC players are waiting for. One of these is last year’s PS5 exclusive, Returnal. Back in May, a SteamDB listing suggested that Returnal could be making its way to PC sooner rather than later. Going further back than that, it was also part of the infamous GeForce Now leak. Now, as spotted by VGC, it appears that Returnal could be functional on the Steam Deck too.

Returnal’s potential Steam database entry has been updated once again under the codename “Oregon.” That name isn’t enough to imply that the game is indeed Returnal, but other details point to specific elements within the game that make the pieces line up. For example, Oregon is listed under 16 categories, including the phrases bullet hell, rogue-like, and sci-fi. There are also direct references to Returnal’s world, such as “Atropos” and “Tower of Sisyphus.” Now, users have discovered several new changes being made to the Steam database entry in quick succession. This includes a Steam Deck controller profile for Returnal.


Returnal was released as a PlayStation 5 exclusive last year and was met with high praise. It’s a third-person shooter with a roguelike structure and elements of sci-fi horror. The developer of the game, HouseMarque, was subsequently acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Sony is on a charge

The Returnal PC port and its Steam Deck compatibility are yet to be officially revealed by Sony. However, given the amount of information that fans have been able to gather from Steam and other sources, it seems likely that it will happen at some point. It’s worth noting that Sony acquired Nixxes Software last year, which is a studio known for porting many Square Enix games to PC.

Sony is pushing into the PC gaming space more than ever before. As a result, we suspect that there will be more PlayStation games making their way to PC in the future.

Returnal Shooting Gameplay

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