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Valve has given us the dates of the next three Steam sales. Kicking off the list of seasonal sales is the Steam Autumn Sale, which begins on November 22 and ends a week later on November 29. Steam users won’t have to wait long for the second sale either, with the Winter Sale running from December 22 to January 5.

The third sale is brand new to Steam, as Valve introduces the Spring Sale. From 2023 onward, the Spring Sale replaces the existing Lunar New Year Sale. While the Lunar New Year Sale typically started in January, the Spring Sale won’t get underway until March. More specifically, it will run from March 16 to March 23.


Seasonal sales are being introduced to better space out the major Steam sales. Previously, all of these sales took place over the course of just a few months, which Valve believes wasn’t ideal for consumers. Spacing out the sales more should give customers a better opportunity to buy the games they want at a more suitable time.

Steam Seasonal Sales

Be wary, devs

Of course, the three dated seasonal sales aren’t all Steam has to offer. Following the Steam Autumn Sale, Winter Sale, and Spring Sale will be the eventual Summer Sale. We don’t have a confirmed date for the Summer Sale yet, but it’s likely to begin around July 2023.

Each of the seasonal sales will differ a little from one another. Valve promises they will carry thematic layouts and focus on different highlighted deals. For Steam users, though, all you have to know is that there are now four major sales and you’ll be able to get some sweet deals all year round.

Any developers releasing games on Steam should mark these dates down, as seasonal sales are known to have adverse effects on store visibility. Live Steam sales take priority over just about everything else on the platform, so games released during sales may not be seen by potential consumers.

Steam Seasonal Sales Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section details what the new Spring Sale will look like and what’s happening to the Lunar New Year Sale.

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