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Vambrace: Cold Soul patch adds New Game+ mode

Vambrace: Cold Soul takes you to the harsh and brutal world of Icenaire. I gave it a go late last month and I had an enjoyable time. You can check out our official review and survival guide as well. Now, one of the criticisms I had pertained to Vambrace: Cold Soul’s barebones combat and lack of user-friendly information (such as the stats of recruitable characters). Still, if you managed to make it far, even to the final chapter, then you might find something new in store. Eko Software has just added a New Game+ mode. Well, sort of.

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Warning: There will be some mild Vambrace: Cold Soul plot spoilers below.

Vambrace: Cold Soul – New Game+

Patch 1.06 adds this nifty new feature. To do this, you’ll have to play through the game once. Chapter 7, which has you face off against the Shade King, will lead to an epilogue. Note that Vambrace: Cold Soul will have three different endings pertaining to light, darkness, and neutrality depending on some of your choices during the game.

When you have finished Vambrace: Cold Soul’s epilogue sequence, you’ll be prompted if you wish to try out New Game+ mode. This will send you back to the first chapter and you can interact with a statue that will teleport you to any chapter of your choosing. There’s just one problem. If you do end up doing that you’ll begin that part of the game without any equipment. Whoops!

So, no, it’s not a New Game+ mode in the sense that you’re carrying over your perks, items, companions, and the like from your previous Vambrace: Cold Soul playthrough. It’s just a cheat code of sorts that lets you skip chapters. In some ways, players are just using it to get all the endings and find the costumes for Lyric that they might’ve missed the first time around. The costumes themselves (you can see the Sailor Moon costume in the featured image above) remain unlocked for multiple playthroughs.

Oh, and patch 1.06 for Vambrace: Cold Soul also added a buff for the Hedge Mage companion. The sole healing class in the game was next to useless, not even worth a mention in our survival guide. The class, however, gains some extra healing power to benefit your team. You can also skip the tutorial and speed up the battles with this new patch.

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