Vermintide 2 Shadows Over Bogenhafen

Well, this news is something that’s sure to pique the interests of many man-things eager to smash some raki. The first major DLC for Vermintide 2, Shadows over Bogenhafen, just got a teaser trailer. That’s pretty much a reason to celebrate given the grim state of the Warhammer world during The End Times.

Shadows over Bogenhafen? I hafen to like some of that!

The news is something that many Vermintide 2 players would appreciate. After all,  the game was released last March, instantly becoming a hit. Millions of new players flocked to it, eager to kill the Skaven and Nurgle-worshipping Norsca. Unfortunately, the game still has quite a number of bugs, whether it’s random patrol spawns or broken talents.

Although developers Fatshark are eager to pump out these fixes, some players have grown a bit impatient. Even the recent Sanctioned Mods has done little to assuage some concerns. That’s why Shadows over Bogenhafen will be an important moment for Vermintide 2. Not only is it the first major DLC, but, according to Fatshark representatives, there will also be lots of fixes for talents, patrols, and general bugs.

As for the town of Bogenhafen? Well, it’s situated at a crossroads with the River Bogen, the Reikwald Forest, and the Grey Mountains surrounding it. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the Empire capital of Altdorf. It’s honestly a bit surprising. With the Ubersreik Five journeying through the underground past Helmgart, we were expecting they’d be at Bretonnia by now — just in time to see Mallobaude and Louen Leoncoeur’s civil war play out. We weren’t expecting them to hightail it back into Empire territory. Oh well.

Shadows over Bogenhafen will be out later this month on the 28th. As usual, PC Invasion will keep you updated. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to sit-play and kill-kill some raki.

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