Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 Thorek Ironbrow Artifacts Artifact Vault Guide

Thorek Ironbrow’s campaign progression is directly tied to reforging new Artifacts to bolster his forces. However, it can take a while because several regions might be held by hostile factions. Here’s our guide to help you with Thorek Ironbrow’s Artifact Vault mechanics and objectives in Total War: Warhammer II.

Note: For more information about Total War: Warhammer II – The Silence & The Fury, check out our guides and features hub, as well as our main guide for Thorek Ironbrow/Ironbrow’s Expedition.


Total War: Warhammer II – Thorek Ironbrow Artifact Vault guide

When you check the Forge, the dozens of items that you see (i.e., weapons, armors, runes, and more) tend to require tradable resources and Oathgold. As for Artifacts, you won’t need to spend Oathgold at all. Instead, each Artifact requires two unique pieces that are found in specific settlements on the map. These have glowing runes surrounding the area, though you can also click on the part’s icon to see the location.

Mind you, conquest is your only recourse, so you have to control, sack, or raze that settlement to claim the unique part. You’re likely to go to war against factions who own these regions just for a single item, which is why you need to plan your moves accordingly. You don’t want to buddy up with Teclis, Khalida, Gor-Rok, or Lord Mazdamundi only to realize that they’ve just captured a settlement with an Artifact piece.

Note: Whenever you reforge an Artifact, a hostile Skaven army will spawn in your territories just to annoy you.

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In any case, here are the ones that Thorek Ironbrow can craft in the Artifact Vault in Total War: Warhammer II‘s Vortex campaign:

Artifact Effects Part 1 Location Part 2 Location
Keepsake of Gazul’s Favored Spawns a unique Ancestor Hero (Hans Valhirsson). This is a ghostly Thane that can be embedded in your army. Hero’s Pendant – The Golden Colossus (Copper Desert) Chain of Binding – The Blood Hall (Dragon Isles)
Raton’s Collar of Bestial Control A Yoked Carnosaur unit will be added to the Regiments of Renown pool. Spark Gem – Axlotl (River Qurveza) Dwarfen Neck Yoke – Subatuun (The Lost Valley)
Morgrim’s Gears of War +15% range, missile strength, ammunition, and reload time reduction for Bolt Throwers, Grudge Throwers, and Quarellers. Pentagonal Gear – Cavern of the Mlexigaur (Northern Spine of Sotek) Spur Gear – Spektazuma (Jungles of Green Mist)
Smednir’s Metallurgy Cipher +10 Oathgold per turn
+100% tradable resources produced
+10 armor for lords and embedded heroes
Runic Keystone – Fuming Serpent (Volcanic Isles) Puzzle Box – Chupayotl (Culchan Plains)
Thungni’s Tongs of the Runesmith +5 melee attack and enabled sundering attacks for Miners and Longbeards (Great Weapons). Left Half of Tongs – Chiquibol (Central Spine of Sotek) Right Half of Tongs – Mine of Bearded Skulls (Southern Spine of Sotek)
Beard Rings of Grimnir “Ancestral Rune of Grimnir” army ability – AoE vortex spell that’s good against multiple units. Grimnir’s Ornate Beard Ring and Exotic Beard Ring – These are both obtained after winning The Lost Vault final battle.
Blessed Pick of Grungni “Ancestral Rune of Grungni” army ability – Target unit and nearby allies gain +24 melee attack, are unbreakable, and are temporarily invulnerable to all damage. Grungni’s Pick Head – Vulture Mountain (Cobra Pass) Pick Handle – The Awakening (The Vampire Coast)
Lost Gifts of Valaya “Ancestral Rune of Valaya” army ability – Target unit and nearby allies get 100% vigor and regain 1,728 HP. Valaya’s Tankard – Skeggi (The Settler’s Coast) Alchemy Vial – The Sacred Pools (The Sacred Pools)

Remember, you only need to reforge at least five Artifacts to unlock Thorek Ironbrow’s final battle. The first five listed above (i.e. those not related to the Dwarf gods) tend to be the easiest to obtain based on progression, though Thorek’s method of expansion on the map is still up to you. Only the Beard Rings of Grimnir can’t be obtained normally since you need to complete the final battle to acquire the pieces.

Anyway, don’t forget to take a look at our other Total War: Warhammer II guides for Thorek Ironbrow. We’ve got articles about his Klad Brakak unique item and the ultimate challenge in The Lost Vault.

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Total War: Warhammer II – The Silence & The Fury is available via Steam. Meanwhile, Thorek Ironbrow is available as a free download. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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