Warzone Planes Leak

Since the beginning of the game, Call of Duty: Warzone fans have been making use of the various vehicles around Verdansk ’84. Obtaining a vehicle can be game changing, as you can use these to rotate to the next zone, increase the pace of your games, and more. Recently, motorbikes were added into the battle royale in the Season Four update. Now, a leak suggests planes could make a debut for the Warzone Season Four mid-season update.

According to a new leak, planes feature in the game files of the upcoming game mode known as Payload. Warzone’s first objective-based game mode can be compared to Call of Duty: WWII’s War Mode. The 20v20 experience tasks attackers with escorting vehicles over the checkpoints and defenders must stop the attackers in their tracks.


Would you like to take to the skies in a plane in Warzone?

The information on planes coming to Warzone comes from the prominent Call of Duty leaker known as ZestyCODLeaks. The leaker showed images of the code which appear to indicate the addition of planes. Also, it seems the plane will spawn for both teams, but as ZestyCODLeaks suggests, these could be AI controlled.

It will be interesting to see if planes are the next vehicle class to appear in Warzone. Without any word from Activision or Raven Software, nothing can be confirmed. It would not be unrealistic, as helicopters are a popular mode of transport. Perhaps the developers are simply testing the possibility of planes in Verdansk ’84. This would not be the first time some information has come to light that did not end up in the game. We will not have to wait long to see if planes are added into Warzone’s Payload mode. The Season Four update is scheduled to release on July 15.


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