The most underrated guns in Call of Duty: Warzone Season Two

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Warzone Season Two has caused a huge shift in the meta. Raven Software has reworked most of the Black Ops Cold War weapons, leaving them in a weaker state than when they first arrived. But as history has shown, players don’t like to let go of the past and often keep running the same old guns regardless of strength. However, this mindset has resulted in many underrated and even potentially meta-defining guns being ignored in Warzone Season Two.

Today we’re going to sing the praises of Warzone Season Two’s most underrated guns. These are the weapons that — despite looking good on paper — just haven’t managed to establish themselves yet. But if more of the Warzone player base was to give them a chance, they would realize what they have been missing out on.



As an avid Search & Destroy player, I’m all too familiar with how dominant the AS VAL can be. In regular multiplayer, this is undoubtedly the best gun in Modern Warfare. Therefore I am a little surprised to see that among Warzone guns, this seemingly underrated rifle gets relatively little use.

Many low-tier rifles such as the Krig 6 and M4A1 are more popular. Given that neither of those assault rifles are all that good, the higher usage rates are a little peculiar. The AS VAL has the best time to kill up close out of any of the automatic guns in Warzone. That alone gives you a good enough reason to try it out.

Warzone Season two best guns As Val Build

However, it is understandable why some players choose to stray away from it. For one, it is capped at just a 30 round magazine. While this is perfectly fine for solos and duos, it doesn’t translate well into trios and quads. Also, although it mostly recoils vertically, there is a fair amount of kick to manage which could be troublesome for lesser skilled players.

But even so, the AS VAL deserves more love than it’s currently getting. I’d place it in a similar category to the RAM-7. It’s a high-recoil rifle that can deliver a devastating time to kill if controlled properly. Even after taking its flaws into account, I still believe this is one of the best close to medium-range guns in Warzone.


The story of the FAL is an odd one. For the longest time, it seemed as if nobody used it. And then it got a questionable buff during Modern Warfare Season Four, resulting in it becoming the most popular primary weapon. This buff was revoked a season later though, and it fell back into niche obscurity.

Even though the nerf made it a less viable weapon, the FAL is still strong in its own right. Obviously with it being a semi-automatic, you must be able to hit your shots while clicking quickly. This isn’t as easy to do as just using an automatic, but there is a reward for pulling it off.

call of duty Fal Build

Regardless of range, the FAL kills faster than the majority of guns in Warzone. Furthermore, its low recoil makes spam-firing accurate at long range when both a suitable foregrip and the XRK Marksman barrel are equipped.

You can even custom-tune the FAL to fit multiple roles. Up close, it’s perfectly capable of competing with the MP5 and Mac-10. From afar, even the laser-accurate Kilo 141 and Grau can struggle against it. Semi-auto weapons aren’t for everyone, but if you do enjoy using them, I recommend trying this over the more mainstream DMR-14.

Gallo SA12

Season Two continues the theme of shotguns being the most underrated guns in Warzone. Despite being the most used shotgun in Warzone, the Gallo SA12 still doesn’t see that much usage. For whatever reason, the current meta has shifted away from shotguns in favor of the more versatile submachine guns.

Naturally, shotguns are more situational than your traditional primary gun. For many, this can be a huge turn-off. Moreover, shotguns require a second weapon to cover the lack of range. This role is generally filled by a well-rounded assault rifle like the CR-56 AMAX or FFAR 1.

call of duty Gallo Sa12 Build

Assuming that you’re willing to work around the cons of using shotguns, they can be worthwhile. Unsurprisingly, shotguns in general kill faster than any other weapon up close. Among the nine currently available shotguns in Warzone, the Gallo SA12 trumps all thanks to its best-in-class fire rate.

As the Gallo only requires two shots to down an enemy, this fast fire rate is fantastic. Let me put how terrifying the Gallo SA12 is into context. Do you remember the Origin 12 meta? Modern Warfare‘s spam shotgun dominated Warzone for a good month or two. Well, the Gallo SA 12 kills faster than the Origin 12 ever did. If people catch on, I promise you’ll start seeing this underrated gun used more often in Warzone.


Although most players run Overkill for their first loadout, some still opt to go straight for Ghost instead. Being able to stay off your enemy’s radar in the mid-game is the most effective method of reaching the top 5 or so. It might be stylish to drop 20 kills in a game, but to win, you actually want to avoid gunfights where possible.

The obvious downside of going for Ghost on your first loadout is that you’re stuck with just one gun. That means you will need a weapon that is versatile and performs well at all ranges. And if that’s your goal, there is no better choice than the MP7.

Warzone Season two best guns mp7

This submachine gun has become one of the most underrated guns in Warzone. So far, Season Two hasn’t amended that status. The ability of the MP7 to down enemies from anywhere between point-blank range and over 100 meters is unmatched by any other SMG. Its damage output is outclassed by the MP5, but its superior iron sights and lower recoil make it easier to use.

Furthermore, even with the heavy FSS Recon barrel and a monolithic suppressor equipped, the MP7 is still one of the better-handling weapons in Warzone. At extreme ranges, it can begin to struggle, but it’s not overly hard to just pick up an enemy’s sniper rifle to cover that weakness. Most Warzone teams in Season Two will run at least one Kar98k or SP-R 700 as they are both currently some of the best guns.

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