Wasteland 3 Monster Army Bunker Hostile Takeover

During and after your adventures in The Bizarre, you’re presented a couple of sidequests: Monster Army Bunker and A Very Hostile Takeover. Here’s our Wasteland 3 mini-guide to help you out.

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Wasteland 3 sidequest: Eidilon and the Monster Army Bunker

Eidilon runs an adult entertainment establishment in The Bizarre and she needs your help to find some movie reels. The only known location is the Monster Army Bunker. It’s directly south of The Bizarre, so make your way there.

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Hack the computers (Nerd Stuff 4) or unlock the doors (Lockpicking 8) and you’ll find yourself in a room teeming with sawdogs.

Take out the bots and open the toaster (Toaster Repair 5) to find a lore book.

Wasteland 3 Monster Army Bunker Hostile Takeover 1c11

The central control room has a terminal (Nerd Stuff 5) that you can access.

You’ll realize that your goal is to disable the laser defense systems in the bunker. To do that, you need to find the switches in various rooms.

Wasteland 3 Monster Army Bunker Hostile Takeover 1d

Two are found in the central control room and the adjoining section.

The small “red room” with the safe (Lockpicking 7) happens to have a switch as well.

Wasteland 3 Monster Army Bunker Hostile Takeover 1e

The last one is found in the basement area where you’ll find more bots and the Wolf’s Mask cassette.

Wasteland 3 Monster Army Bunker Hostile Takeover 1f

Once the lasers have been deactivated, enter the theater to find a shockdog and two drill dogs.

Wasteland 3 Monster Army Bunker Hostile Takeover 1g

After obliterating them, pick up the scattered loot which includes the Lethal Lance creepy doll, Alloy Vehicle Plating Kodiak upgrade, and Movie Reels quest item.

Wsl Sq Charley Knowes Eidilon 1a

Return to Eidilon who’ll be ecstatic at your arrival. Choose the type of “movie” you want her to produce.

Oh, and if Marshal Kwon is in your team, he can be one of the “stars.”

Wsl Sq Charley Knowes Eidilon 1b

Charley Knowes and A Very Hostile Takeover

I was able to obtain this quest during my Wasteland 3 playthrough by doing three things:

  • Siding with Faran Brygo in Little Vegas.
  • Not killing Charley Knowes.
  • Clearing The Warrens to help Flab the Inhaler.

Wsl Sq Charley Knowes Eidilon 2a

Once I returned to Colorado Springs, Charley contacted me asking for help. He wants to take over The Bizarre since the Monster Army has been weakened.

You’ll meet Charley in the small building south of The Bizarre’s parking lot area. Speak with him and he’ll ask if you’re ready.

Note: This seems to be time-sensitive. If you take too long before going back to The Bizarre, Charley’s mercs will kill several residents.

Wsl Sq Charley Knowes Eidilon 2b

If you go through with this, you’ll need to eliminate everyone in The Bizarre, even those we’ve recently helped.

In my case, I just killed Charley and told Flab the Inhaler about it to gain some reputation. I got some mods, ammo, and, uh, “Ken Doll’s Shriveled Junk.”

Note: It appears that siding with Flab the Inhaler will mean that you’ll lose your chance to have Quarex as a Ranger HQ staffer. Quarex will somehow end up in The Warrens if in case Charley’s mercs start killing people in The Bizzare, and you’ll then have to do a sidequest to help him out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test this and I’ve already overwritten an older save while at this stage of the sidequest. If you have more info, let me know.

Wsl Sq Charley Knowes Eidilon 2c

Wasteland 3 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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