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Money makes the world go round, just not in the Watch Dogs: Legion world. The only thing you actually need money for in the game is buying clothes. Considering how many operatives you’ll end up with though, you’re going to want a lot of clothing options.

What’s the point of amassing a massive hacker army if you can’t even dress them up? There isn’t really any way to get rich quick in the game, but if you know what to keep an eye out for, you can certainly get a fair amount more cash together.


Green with envy

Money in Watch Dogs: Legion comes in the form of a cryptocurrency called Etos. There are caches of Etos all over the place coming in two varieties. The first is the more common of the two and is clearly marked on your minimap. All you need to do is get within scanning range with your character, a spiderbot, or a drone and you can just skim the Etos right away. You can also skim it out of ATMs, but you won’t see those that often.

The larger Etos cache is the one you want to keep an eye out for. While the smaller caches usually contain around 200-300, the safes that you’ll find in restricted areas have around 1,000. Robbing these routinely will massively increase how much Etos you have. You can open the safes with spiderbots, meaning that you don’t even need to put yourself in danger to rob them. These safes are also marked on your minimap with a similar icon to the other caches.

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Little by little

Aside from the above methods, you’re not going to come across Etos in large amounts most of the time. But it’ll still add up. When looking at potential recruits, there are a couple of skills you’ll want that’ll help you accrue more money. One of these is the investor perk, which increases your earnings. But some operatives have a skill that grants them Etos every time they perform a hack. Meaning that you can simply go out of your way to hack as many things as possible and end up making a lot more for it.

Still not enough? On your tech screen, you can purchase an upgrade that lets you hack Parcel Fox drones. Why would you want to bother with this? Well, most Parcel Fox drones carry packages. All you need to do is keep an eye on the sky and hijack these drones when you see them. Then bring them near your operative and have them drop the package on the ground. Your operative can then steal the package.

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Finally, you’ll gain Etos from doing parcel missions. These show up on your map and you can interact with them to take part in a timed delivery mission. Successfully completing these will reward you with currency. You can also go crazy recruiting people, which will see you gain Etos for every completed mission. And these are infinite. Plus, some recruits come with a sign-up bonus, meaning you’ll get paid extra solely for recruiting them. Anyways, those are the ways you can make money in Watch Dogs: Legion. That’s it. Guide over.

Head over to our Watch Dogs: Legion guide hub for the rest of our hints and tips on setting London free.

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