Fortnite Alien Artifacts Season 7 Week 6 Locations

Fortnite players have been collecting Alien Artifacts for weeks now to enhance their Kymera alien skins. These items act like an in-game currency specifically for this skin, and there are several ways to collect them. You can discover the new pink glowing cannisters that spawn around the map each week for about 20 on average, as well as unlock Cosmic Chests for an additional weekly bonus. Week 6 is no different, and you can earn 20 more Alien Artifacts for your Kymera skin in just a few quick matches of Fortnite.

If you still need to track down the Alien Artifacts from previous weeks, refer to our Season 7 guide hub for those locations.


Week 6 Alien Artifacts locations for Kymera

Collecting all of the Week 6 Alien Artifacts in just a couple games is likely out of the question since the locations are so far apart. Just take your time this week, eh? Here’s how to find them all, from the northernmost to the one on southern shores.

If you remember back to the previous week when there were only four available Alien Artifacts, you should remember that the one at Lockie’s Lighthouse was bugged and didn’t appear. You can get it this week, however, so head to the location and look inside the small storage building between the main house and the lighthouse tower. If you see the NPC nearby, you know you’re in the right spot.

The next Alien Artifact is at the small alien biome roughly between Steamy Stacks and Dirty Docks. You’ll notice the single patch of purple over there. The artifact is just on the crest of a hill among alien trees and purple grass.

Fortnite Season 7 Map Locations Alien Artifacts Week 6

The third Alien Artifact is located in a small shed on the west end of the Corny Complex. There are a few buildings, but you want to visit the shed on the southwestern edge. Look up into the attic area to spot the Alien Artifact hovering above.

The fourth Alien Artifact can be found at a snowy mountaintop exploratory site east of Catty Corner. You’ll need to look inside the elevated building by the edge of the cliff. What you seek is right inside.

The final Alien Artifact is at the island where the Orelia NPC used to spawn and guard the gold Scar. Just check inside the same room at the stone ruins and you’ll see it there.

That’s it for Week 6, but we have all kinds of other guides for Fortnite Season 7 Invasion and will follow up with where to find more Alien Artifacts at new locations in the future. You’ll need a bunch of Alien Artifact points to unlock all of the Kymera styles, so check back each week to save yourself some time.

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