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Fortnite players have been seeking out the locations of Alien Artifacts for weeks now to trick out their Kymera alien skins. These items act like an in-game currency specifically for the skin, and there are multiple ways to obtain them. You can discover the new pink, glowing cannisters that spawn around the map each week for about 20 on average, and open Cosmic Chests for additional weekly bonuses. Week 9 has come, and you can earn 20 more Alien Artifacts in just a few quick matches of Fortnite by following this guide to the locations.

If you need to track down the Alien Artifacts from previous weeks, refer to our Season 7 guide hub to find out all of the locations. Interestingly enough, the game now reveals the locations of nearby Alien Artifacts on the mini map. This should make things even easier for you if you need to get caught up on multiple weeks.


Week 9 Alien Artifacts locations for Kymera

This week should be pretty easy to accomplish in a single match as long as the circle is kind to you. As usual, grabbing one of the alien UFOs is recommended in order to reach all of the locations quickly and safely. Start by landing at the UFO parked under the bridge southeast of Corny Complex. You might want to grab a weapon if you see one on the bridge as well, just in case you need to defend yourself.

Fortnite Season 7 Alien Artifact Locations Week 9 Kymera

The first Alien Artifact to grab is the one at the gas station between Corny Complex and Lazy Lake. Check inside of the larger building there with the restaurant to find it inside.

Next, go west to the IO base in the center of the map where Rick Sanchez hangs out. It’s the base on the mountain east of Weeping Woods. You’ll find the next Alien Artifact in the satellite dish there.

It’s not far to the next location, and you’re about to see a pattern. Head down to Weeping Woods and gravitate towards the old Spire Tower there. Just north of it is a small primal hut where the Alien Artifact is tucked away at.

Artifact number four can found in a small hut on an island off the western coast of the map. This is particularly why you want to acquire one of the UFOs this week.

The last Alien Artifact is inside another hut on another island. You may or may not be able to get to this one within the same match, but it’s easy enough to grab in another match. Head to the medium-sized island off of the northern coast of the map. It’s the island northwest of Craggy Cliffs where the Splode character used to hangout.

More appear at new locations each week

That’s it for Week 9, but we have all kinds of other guides for Fortnite Season 7 Invasion, and we’ll follow up with where to find more Alien Artifacts at new locations in the future. You’ll need a bunch of Alien Artifact points to unlock all of the Kymera styles, so check back each week to save yourself some time.

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