Weird West Witch At The Crossroads Open Heathen's Box Guide

Weird West: Witch at the Crossroads and Heathen’s Box guide

What's in the box?
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The Witch at the Crossroads is an NPC and random encounter in Weird West. You’ll meet this mysterious figure several times during the course of the campaign, and she even has a special task for you. Here’s our Weird West guide to help you with the Witch at the Crossroads and the Heathen’s Box.

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Weird West Witch at the Crossroads and Heathen’s Box guide

You’ll first meet the Witch at the Crossroads in Weird West while you’re doing the Bounty Hunter’s main quest. For me, this random encounter occurred while I was traveling on the world map just as I was finishing a task for Mayor Weeks.

After a short conversation, she’ll give you the Heathen’s Box. She’ll tell you not to open it because she’ll ask for it much later in the campaign. I’ll mention my findings toward the end of this guide, so don’t worry.

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For now, though, let’s discuss what you can expect from the Witch at the Crossroads meetings in Weird West. Primarily, she’ll tend to reward you with goodies from the ornate chest that’s right beside her.

The rewards are somewhat randomized. In some situations, you can get a Nimp’s Relic or a Golden Ace of Spades. In others, the container would either have a metal bar or several bullets. There may also be another crate near her spot which has some materials, too.

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Notable encounters

Here are some other notable encounters with this NPC:

  • Pigman – She’ll ask if you want to purchase a book for X amount of cash. This amount will always be one dollar higher than what you have on you at that moment, making it impossible to buy. Since you can’t buy it, she’ll offer to read tarot cards instead (the responses won’t change).
  • Protector – There are two prisoners next to her. One is a thief who has stolen from innocents, and the other is a murderer who killed someone who abused him as a child. You’ll decide which one deserves to be punished (i.e., punish the thief and he’ll get transformed into a snake).

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Slapping contest

  • Werewolf – The witch will challenge you to a slapping contest. Unfortunately, there’s no way to win this because you need a specific accessory.
  • Oneirist – That accessory is none other than the Amulet of the Open Palm. This is found in the Authority’s Quarters in Somnolence. You’ll visit this spot as part of the Oneirist’s main quest, so just progress until you acquire it. Once you have the amulet, equip it and explore the world map until you encounter the witch again. The option to use it should be available. Sadly, even though she tells you that you can choose your reward, it seems that the chest will just have a Nimp Relic.

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What about the Heathen’s Box

I don’t want to spoil too much, so here’s the gist: I did finish the campaign, but the witch never asked for it back. I also have a save near the end of the game (i.e., the last point of no return), trying to see if she’d want it. I’ve also opened it at that stage only to find that it was empty (she didn’t even react).

Well, that about does it for our Weird West Witch at the Crossroads guide. If you have other findings, please do let me know.

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Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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