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Where to find all Leviathans in Subnautica

This is what nightmares are made of.

The ocean is a scary place with all the secrecy that surrounds these locations. Now imagine exploring these large bodies of water on an unknown planet. We already know how terrifying the depths of the ocean are, but Subnautica takes that fear and uses it against us. The underwater survival game places players on an alien planet while having to deal with the threats of the deep. Not all creatures that inhabit the world are hunting you, however, that doesn’t stop them from being blood-curdling. Much of the fauna comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and each has its own personality. The life forms that stand out are Leviathans, which are these massive bodies that wander the underwater biomes. Some aren’t threating, but you should still be on high alert when near one. To discover where to find all Leviathans in Subnautica, read below.

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Subnautica: Where to find all Leviathans

These creatures are hard to miss because of their sheer size. On the other hand, they spawn sporadically which may make them harder to locate. By using the map the below as a refence, you can find these monsters faster.

Subnautica Leviathan Locations

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  1. Sea Treader Leviathan – These “non-lethal” Leviathans can be found in biomes such as Grand Reef and Sea Treader’s Path. They’ll be roaming in herds. However, approach from the side or behind one, because it will attack you if you swim to its front
  2. Reaper Leviathan – One of the biggest Leviathans in Subnautica and is located in Crash Zone, Dunes, and Mountains. This monster can also be found in the Bulb Zone, which is important to harvest Bulb Bushes. Be careful, this creature is rather aggressive and swims close to the ocean floor. To be safe around one, try staying close to the surface
  3. Reefback Leviathan – The Reefback is considered passive, so it may not attack but still stay on high alert. This Leviathan is easier to find since you can find it in almost every region. However, it seems the best spots to search are Blood Kelp Zone and Mushroom Forest. By looking in these areas you also find Lithium, which is very important.  
  4. Ghost Leviathan – Somewhat bigger than the Reaper Leviathan but even more deadly, so approach with caution! They are best found in Grand Reef, Northern Blood Kelp Zone, and Crater Edge.
  5. Sea Dragon Leviathan – Probably the biggest of the more aggressive Leviathans you’ll encounter. A lot of other Leviathans have a large number of spawns, the Sea Dragon only has 3, this could be because of its size. You can only find this monster in 2 spots: Inactive Lava Zone and Lava Lake
  6. Sea Empress Leviathan – This creature sticks out the most from the rest of Leviathan because its telepathic. That’s right, this monster can read your deepest darkest secrets. To find this giant, head to the Alien Base inside Lava Lake. You’ll only find 1 Sea Empress in the base that also doubles as a prison for the creature.

Subnatuica is avaible now via Steam.

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