Where to find all Feldcroft Region Treasure Vaults in Hogwarts Legacy

Where To Find Feldcroft Region Treasure Vaults Hogwarts Legacy

All across The Highlands in Hogwarts Legacy, you can find Treasure Vaults. To get the chests with gear inside, you’ll either stumble upon these vaults or solve a puzzle to reveal them. In the Feldcroft Region specifically, there are 17 vaults to be found. But seeing as this region alone is quite large, finding these vaults can be tricky. Here is where you can find all the Feldcroft Region Treasure Vaults in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy: All the Treasure Vaults in the Feldcroft Region

North Feldcroft Treasure Vaults

East of the North Feldcroft Floo Flame is one of many Treasure Vaults in this region. To find the entrance of this vault, find the large pile of rubble around these ruins. Cast Reparo, and it will reveal the underground stairwell.

The next Treasure Vault in this area is northwest from the North Feldcroft Floo Flame. To open this entrance, you’ll need to find a metal box nearby. Cast Wingardium Leviosa, and carry it to the stone square in front of the door. The icon on the box tells you which spell it needs to activate, this one being the Levioso spell.

Keep heading west along the coastline, and you’ll find another Treasure Vault. This one doesn’t need any puzzle to unlock, you simply run inside and take the gear in the chest.

This next Treasure Vault is right beside the last, near large ruins. This one requires another metal box that can be found nearby. Bring is over to the stone pedestal, and cast Levioso to open the entrance.

Hogwarts Legacy: Feldcroft Treasure Vaults

North of the Feldcroft Floo Flame is a Treasure Vault in the side of the mountain, near a Puffskein Den. Here, another stone square pedestal is present. Place the nearby metal box on top, and cast Levioso to activate it and open the entrance.

East of Feldcroft by an Ancient Magic Hotspot is another Treasure Vault. To open this entrance, find the nearby metal box. This time, it has an Incendio icon. Carry it to the nearby stone square, and cast that spell.

Rookwood Castle Treasure Vaults

North of Rookwood Castle, you will find a Treasure Vault. This one descends to a door that requires you to have Alohomora level 2 to unlock.

Head further west from the last Treasure Vault, and you’ll find another near the coastline. The only puzzle involved in this vault is running towards the wisp of wind each time it disappears until it uncovers the chest.

Southwest of Rookwood Castle is the next Treasure Vault. Just cast the Depulso spell to make your way into the vault to solve the puzzle inside.

Hogwarts Legacy: South Feldcroft Treasure Vault

From the South Feldcroft Floo Flame, head east along the coastline. On the beach, you’ll find the entrance to this Treasure Vault covered in greenery. Cast Incendio to set them aflame, opening the entrance for you.

Hogwarts Legacy: Feldcroft Catacomb Treasure Vaults

Northeast of the Feldcroft Catacomb Floo Flame is another Treasure Vault. On the side of the mountain is the open entrance to this vault, which leads to a dive spot in the water.

Head southeast from the catacomb, and in an enemy camp by the water is a dock. Off the edge of the dock in the water is a dive spot, where a Treasure Vault will be.

From the Feldcroft Catacomb Floo Flame, go east and you’ll find the next vault. This entrance is already open for you to solve the puzzle inside.

Hogwarts Legacy: Irondale Treasure Vaults

In the southern part of the Feldcroft Region is a town called Irondale. Right inside the town is a house with greenery and plants decorating it. Walk in the home, and a door inside leads to the entrance of a Treasure Vault.

Head north from Irondale to find another vault. Opening this entrance requires you to cast Depulso to spin these two devices. When they spin, the iron rods blocking the entrance open up. Pushing them enough times will keep the entrance open.

South of Irondale near an Ancient Magic Hotspot is the next Treasure Vault. To unlock this entrance, find the nearby metal box. This one shows the icon for Glacius, so cast it when the box is placed on the stone pedestal.

The final Treasure Vault in the Feldcroft Region is west of Irondale. Beside an enemy camp is the open entrance to the vault. Hopefully, this guide was proven useful in your endeavor to find where all the Treasure Vaults are in the Feldcroft Region of Hogwarts Legacy.

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