Where to find Iron in Starfield

Where To Find Iron In Starfield
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There are dozens, upon dozens of different types of resources available in Starfield. Whether you look for them on planets or moons, they’re quite plentiful. You just need to know where to look, and how to harvest or extract them. One of the most useful resources is Iron, but where can you find Iron in Starfield? Let’s dive into some Iron hotspots below.

Starfield: Where to get Iron (Fe)

Although some vendors can sell resources like Iron, the best way to obtain them is by exploring planets and moons themselves. Iron is most commonly available on moons than planets. Before you land on one, you have to check if it even contains the resource you need. If you’re having trouble locating Iron, here’s a list of some planets and moons that contain Iron, and where you can find them in Starfield.

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Where To Find Iron In Starfield Planet Moon

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Narion system

  • Andraphon: Moon orbiting Sumati
  • Kreet: Moon orbiting Anselon
  • Podius: Moon orbiting Danra
  • Vectera: Moon orbiting Anselon

Alpha Centauri system

  • Grissom: Moon orbiting Bondar
  • Zamka: Moon orbiting Olivas

Volii system

  • Volii Gamma: Moon orbiting Volii Epsilon
  • Volii Psi: Moon orbiting Volii Tau
  • Volii Tau: Planet

Cheyenne system

  • Belwah: Moon orbiting Navaha
  • Burran: Planet
  • Codos: Moon orbiting Akila
  • Cragg: Moon orbiting Fenn

Sol system

  • Callisto: Moon orbiting Jupiter
  • Io: Moon orbiting Jupiter
  • Luna: Moon orbiting Earth

Olympus system

  • Dionysus: Moon orbiting Aion
  • Erebus: Planet
  • Nesoi: Planet
  • Orphius: Moon orbiting Aion

Procyon A system

  • Procyon III-a: Moon orbiting Procyon III
  • Procyon VI-b: Moon orbiting Procyon VI
  • Procyon VI-c: Moon orbiting Procyon VI

How to farm Iron in Starfield

Once you make it onto any of these planets or moons, there are two main ways to farm Iron. Either you take out your Cutter and extract each Iron you see, or place an outpost and an extractor on an Iron vein in the ground. The former is a lot easier when you’re first starting out, while the latter is for later in the game when you’re ready to create an outpost.

You’re free to create an outpost just for extracting Iron, but I recommend you find an Iron vein near another resource vein. This is because the outpost range only goes so far, and you can only place extractors in the outpost radius. Unfortunately, it’s hard to come by more than two resource veins close to each other, and you’ll typically just find one. Luckily, we have a guide on how to mine resources in the ground, so check that out if you need help.

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