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In Starfield there are a wide variety of places to explore, and each offers something for you to do. You can spend time wandering the many explorable planets, or you can stay star side and see what man-made structures are waiting to be discovered. In any case, you’ll be spending a ton of time exploring the universe of Starfield. When setting a course for a planet, it’s always a good idea to scan it before landing. It can show what rewards are waiting for you. The planet Nesoi is home to a lot of important resources that make crafting easier to do. However, it seems like this planet is one that can be overlooked, and it shouldn’t be. While navigating the stars it would be a good idea to where to find Nesoi in Starfield. This guide can get you there in the fastest way. 

Starfield: Where to find Nesoi

The good thing about this planet is that you can find it early on, just make sure you’re at least level 10. To start your search, head to the Olympus Star System which isn’t that far from the Sol or Alpha Centauri Star System. The Star System isn’t that big, and it’ll be on the left of the sun. When you reach the planet, you’ll see a space station and other ships around if you choose to do that first. 

What’s on Nesoi?

Well for starters it’s a lush green planet with rolling hills that seem to go on forever. You can take a stroll all without needing a spacesuit. As mentioned, it’s got large deposits of resources such as Iron which is equally as important as Aluminum. You can also find your Dream Home on Nesoi as well. If you picked the Dream Home trait when making a character, you can head to Nesoi to get your first one. 

Starfield is available now via Xbox Game Store and Game Pass.

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