Where to find Peach’s crown in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario Rpg Princess Peach Crown Missing
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You’ll encounter a few mini-games on your way through the Super Mario RPG campaign, including one that asks you to hunt for several items at a wedding chapel. This guide tells you where to find Peach’s crown in Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG – where to find Peach’s crown

The first time you head to Marrymore, a wedding-focused town not far from Moleville and Booster Tower, you’re looking to stop a wedding. It’s a memorable sequence that comes crashing to a halt if you don’t know what to do once you reach the chapel. In that area, you need to find four items that Peach lost when she got bumped. To find the crown, you have to check Booster himself.

Super Mario Rpg Princess Peach Crown On Boosters Head
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When you first arrive at the chapel and events unfold, Princess Peach loses several items. Without them, the wedding can hardly be expected to proceed. Although you don’t want her to marry Booster, you do want to keep the story going. That means you should find what the nearby Sniffits call her “wedding gear.”

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Start by meeting with each of the three Sniffits. Typically, you would expect to have to fight them. However, these particular ones are concerned only with the impending wedding. Talk to them to recover each of the first three items. Then you can look for the crown.

Booster is wearing the crown. It’s not super easy to tell. On my visit, I looked all over the sprawling corridor, checking each row of pews. I even tried to leave for the lobby, but the game wouldn’t let me. Clearly, the crown was somewhere close at hand and I had simply missed it. Then, I noticed that Booster’s head looked a bit different than usual. He was wearing a crown. Coincidence? I think not!

If you talk to Booster, he doesn’t seem to be aware of the crown. This is in character, since Booster doesn’t seem to be aware of a lot of things. Jump onto his head to expand his knowledge. Aimed properly, your hop knocks loose the crown. Then events can proceed.

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