Who can you marry in Starfield? How to get married

Starfield Romance Options

Starfield is more than just shooting your way through the Wild West of space like a hooligan. Sometime’s you need to settle it right down and get your romance on. Starfield offers a number of romance options throughout the game, giving you a more immersive and rounded experience in the space RPG. In total, there are 4 companions you can eventually marry if you play your cards right. Here is who you can marry in Starfield and how to go about it.

Marry Sarah Morgan

Starfield Sarah Morgan marry

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Empathetic, law-abiding, and fair pretty much sums up this early-game character. She will be with you from almost the beginning of the game and isn’t too tough to marry. You simply need to progress far enough along with her to unlock her In Memoriam storyline quest.

By abiding by the law, behaving with kindness, and not killing the innocent, you will quickly find yourself in her good books. Once you have done this and completed her storyline, you can marry Sarah in Starfield.

Marry Barret

You won’t be his first rodeo, but he has a big heart and a capacity to love. He has already had one husband, but make the right moves, and he may be ready to marry again. His first husband met a tragic end, leaving your possible new partner bereaved.

Barret loves good moral actions and hates arrogance. Flirt with him enough, and you will unlock his Breach of Contract storyline. On completion, you will be able to marry Barret in Starfield.

Marry Sam Coe

Sam Coe is a simple man, really. He loves freestar Rangers and his daughter. Treat both with respect, and he’ll get the hots for you. Again, he is a moral character who gets turned off by dubious actions, so keep your nose clean.

Once you have charmed him enough, you will be able to embark on his Family Matters quest. Completing this will allow you to marry Sam Coe in Starfield.

Marry Andreja

Who can you marry in Starfield? How to get married

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Starfield has been pretty one-dimensional with their companions’ wants and needs. They are all goody two shoes who only like you to abide by the law. However, Andreja is a little more relaxed and doesn’t get too turned off when you go into public places blasting. I feel like the game severely lacks morally dubious companions.

Charm her enough, and you can unlock her Divided Loyalties questline. After this, you can ask to marry Andreja in Starfield.

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