Will Payday 3 support couch co-op?

Will Payday 3 support couch co-op?

Payday is a franchise known for its co-op modes. The heist-themed game encourages multiplayer communication and teamwork, resulting in some action-packed and rather hilarious scenarios. With the release of Payday 3, players are now given the option to play cross-platform, which opens up the teamwork possibilities considerably. However, with its focus on improved online play, has Payday 3 couch co-op been left in the dust, as it so often is with new games?

Will Payday 3 support couch co-op?

Sadly not, the chance to play locally, split screen, couch co-op is not going to be present in Payday 3. This decision will leave a lot of fans rather than put out. Playing a team-based game like Payday 3 in the same room is always a great way to enjoy it.

Will Payday 3 support couch co-op?


More and more games are leaving behind the chance to play games together in the same room. This is resulting in fewer and fewer party games on the market. Gone are the days of all playing an FPS with your friends and a couple of cold ones. These days it seems only to be sports games that can be played couch co-op.

Perhaps the reasoning behind the lack of the couch co-op feature in games like Payday 3 is often down to hardware limitations. Modern games often push hardware to the absolute limit, even to render one player. So, splitting the screen into up to four and trying to run 4 games smoothly is sometimes too much to ask. Gamers who ever tried to play the original Warzone split screen will know the nightmare.

However, you will be able to play Payday 3 online with friends and not have to worry about what platform they’re playing on. This does open up the game to much more availability online. But if you want to play in the same room, you’re going to need multiple setups.


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