Wwe 2k22 Announcement Teaser Trailer Wrestlemania 37

The grandest event in pro wrestling, WrestleMania 37, is finally underway. The spectacle is so huge that it’s just the first night of the event. Naturally, we’re bound to see a few surprises, such as a quick announcement trailer for WWE 2K22 featuring Rey Mysterio.

The WWE 2K22 announcement shows the iconic luchador and former three-time world champion standing in the foreground before a cut transitions to his in-game character model. And, without a doubt, he looks damn good. Mysterio then performs the 619 (Tiger Feint Kick) on a hapless Cesaro.


WWE 2K22 announcement teaser: That’s it?

Sadly, yes, that’s basically all you’ll see in today’s WWE 2K22 teaser trailer. Again, though, Rey’s character model looks excellent, so we might be seeing some graphical improvements down the line. Of course, it’s a given that there are long-time fans who will have doubts. After all, when WWE 2K20 released a couple of years ago, players discovered several nasty bugs and glitches that made the game horrendously unplayable.

When I reviewed it, I experienced many issues, including poor targeting, sluggish movement, and a weaker Creation/CAW Suite compared to previous years. There was even a point in time when the game consistently crashed once the new year rolled in. Before it was properly fixed, I had to move my PC’s clock forward. As time passed, we also saw questionable DLC offerings that mostly had cosmetic options like zany weapons or fictional arenas.

Wwe 2k22 Announcement Teaser Trailer Wrestlemania 37

With WWE 2K20 getting skewered, the next sim-type game was then canceled. We then ended up with WWE 2K Battlegrounds which was more arcadey and cartoony in nature. Although it was a bit better compared to the previous offering, it was still a low bar to clear.

That brings us to what we saw regarding WWE 2K22 in WrestleMania 37. It’s just a teaser, but, graphically, it does look appealing. Let’s just hope that the series taking a quick break means that most issues will get ironed out. TheĀ WWE 2K series certainly deserves a stellar outing.

In any case, we’ll find out more about WWE 2K22 in the coming weeks. For now, you can watch the announcement below: