Wwe 2k20 Crashes 2020 Year System Clock Fix

No, we’re not kidding about that headline at all. This isn’t some hoax that starts off your New Year on the wrong foot. It seems WWE 2K20 has its own version of the “Y2K bug,” one which causes crashes if it detects that the current year is 2020. The issue was made public by Twitter user @TheShiningDown:

WWE 2K20’s Y2K – Crash Jericho

WWE 2K20‘s crashes occur when you attempt to create any custom character, arena, or belt (basically anything from the Creations menu). It also happens when you start any of the 2K Originals DLCs such as Bump in the Night and Wasteland Wanderers. In my case, all I had to do was click on the 2K Originals and the crash occurred before the menu loaded. You might as well call this “Y2K problem” a “Crash Jericho.”

Twitter user @TheShiningDown mentioned a workaround. Simply change your system clock to any year before 2020, and you should be able to play these modes without problems. The user also mentioned that, after doing this once to fix the crashes, you can set your system clock back to the correct time.

It does temporarily fix the problem. However, attempting to change the system clock back to the correct time will trigger the crashes once more, at least in my experience. Note that I’ve also made sure that WWE 2K20 had no pending updates. With no other recourse, the only way I could check out the Creator Suite and 2K Originals was to set my clock back to 2019.

This also feels a bit hilarious considering the fact that @WWEGames, the official Twitter account of the WWE 2K series, announced that a new tower featuring King Ricochet would go live once the New Year hits. It seems dumbfounding that the game also crashes exactly once the New Year hits.

Call it 2K20, but it’s not working in 2020

It’s currently not known what causes this issue, although we’re hoping that the developers will be able to provide a fix. The game is called WWE 2K20, but it stops working once it’s 2020. This is another one in a long line of issues that have plagued WWE 2K20 since launch.

Wwe 2k20’s Wasteland Wanderers Dlc Is Now Available For Season Pass Owners

WWE 2K20 is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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