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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – $1 for three months promo is back

Basically giving it away.

Microsoft is back at it again with another big promotion for its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service. As it seems to be doing every few months at this point, Microsoft is giving newcomers an opportunity to grab the accesses service for just $1. Often when this deal happens, this $1 membership will only last a month, but this particular promotion is offering three whole months for $1.

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In addition to that, Microsoft has sweetened the deal even more by adding access to even more services. In addition to gaining membership to three months fo Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you will also get one month of EA Access, three months of Discord Nitro, and six months of Spotify Premium (if you’re in the US or Canada).

That already sounds pretty absurd, but after running some numbers, I realized just how much savings this single deal is.

Under normal circumstances, all of these memberships for this amount of time would cost a whopping $144.93. To put that into perspective, roughly $55 more would nab you an entire Nintendo Switch Lite. Thus, this really is quite some discount Microsoft is basically just giving away. Microsoft isn’t making it very clear how long this deal is going to last. However, the URL does point to it being tied to Black Friday sales. Thus, there’s a possibility this could disappear once Black Friday wraps up (that’s on November 29, by the way).

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a combination of both the Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console services. So, if you own an Xbox One in addition to your gaming PC, you can take full advantage of this. It also includes Xbox Live Gold membership, which is another benefit for Xbox One owners. But even if you don’t have an Xbox One, the addition of the Discord Nitro and Spotify Premium (which is natively integrated with the Xbox for PC app now) are still great extra benefits.

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