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Tencent own 5% of Paradox but we (probably) shouldn’t freak out

It doesn’t exactly sound like a free-to-play, Chinese-only, Europa Universalis Online is on the cards.

World of Warcraft vanilla server meeting with Blizzard goes well

The first meeting with Blizzard is encouraging.

Things you need to know about Paragon – Hints and Tips

Paragon is a little more complex than it first appears so here’s some pointers you may not know about.

best pc games 2016

The Best PC Games of 2016

What you need to be playing on your PC in 2016. These are the very best titles currently available and should not be missed.

Doom - blade2

Doom Review

IDDQD. IDKFA. Tim’s reviewing Doom, so all hell is about to break loose.