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Polaris Sector Review

Peter uses a complicated array of wire toys and treats to plan some 4X invasions with a race of humanoid cat-creatures.

PC Invasion Podcast #45

This week: Vanilla WoW latest, John Rom-hair-o, live Paragon tactical training, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Polaris Sector, and 8-Bit Armies.

World of Warcraft vanilla server petition open letter released

The petition is on its way to Blizzard and the open letter from the vanilla community to Blizzard has been released.

Blizzard post official statement on World of Warcraft vanilla servers

Blizzard break silence ahead of the petition delivery.

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Zombasite - blade

Zombasite Early Access Preview

If a Zombasite is a cross between a zombie and a parasite, then Tim and an ARPG should give us… oh, it’s words. Lots of words.

PC Invasion podcast

PC Invasion Podcast #44

This week: The power of petitions, Industrial Revolution working conditions, Star Citizen, Battlezone 98 Redux, The Banner Saga 2, and Battleborn.

banner saga 2 (6)

The Banner Saga 2 Review

Peter hoists the clan colours for the second leg of Stoic’s punishing Banner Saga trilogy.

epistory (7)

Epistory Review

A game that will most assuredly find you reverting to type.