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Battle Worlds producer: ‘If someone has the money, he shouldn’t be crowd-funding’

Battle Worlds: Kronos

Colin Gilzean, producer on the recently-funded turn-based strategy title Battle Worlds: Kronos, has told IncGamers that the financially well-off have no business putting their games on Kickstarter or other crowd-funding platforms.

Gilzean’s comments come after a number of Kickstarter projects put up by wealthy developers (most recently Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar) have found crowd-funding success.

“Our opinion is that Kickstarter shouldn?’?t be viewed as an? “?indie-platform,?”? ?rather? ?a platform for developers,? ?no matter if small or big,? ?who require funding to create innovate games for fans,” he says “[But] if someone has the money,? ?he shouldn?’?t be doing a crowd-funding? ?campaign.? ?Period.”

Asked who bears responsibility for projects put up by already rich developers reaching their goals, Gilzean told IncGamers that backers and the media should share the blame.

“You shouldn?’?t back a project that does not deserve it. ?Why should you back if the developer does not have more to offer than a? “?vision?”? and some paper? ?sheets?? … back the good projects,? ?not just the big names?!” he says.

“Unfortunately the? “?big names?”? receive bigger coverage than no-names. If the media would independently scan the projects to figure out which? ?the good ones are,? ?no matter who is involved,? ?we would all be a huge step ahead? ?in these things.”

Battle Worlds: Kronos has reached its Kickstarter goal of $120,000 USD, after being turned down by a series of German publishers.

You can read more about the game, and the KING Art team’s views on crowd-funding, in next week’s full interview here on IncGamers.


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  1. avatar Xilos Solix | March 29, 2013 at 9:07 pm |

    The game is worth it. shut up and let the public decide what WE (they) want to do with OUR money.

    (from US)

    LAME. and who MAKES me Watch a stupid advertisement to post a COMMENT.
    you. apparently.

  2. avatar Xilos Solix | March 29, 2013 at 9:10 pm |

    ps: you sound jealous.


  3. security code for posting is:
    Don’t waste your time..

    “ProGlide SilverTouch”

    your welcome.

    (welcome to the interwebs)

  4. avatar Jose Monclair | March 29, 2013 at 10:12 pm |

    “Our opinion is that Kickstarter shouldn?’?t be viewed as an? “?indie-platform,?”
    sad. just sad.

    “[But] if someone has the money,? ?he shouldn?’?t be doing a crowd-funding? ?campaign.? ?Period.”

    I have to support the above comment(s)

    yeah. like Bill Gates shouldn’t charge for his Windows PRODUCT anymore,
    hey, he’s rich, he should give it away for free. forget about EMPLOYING people, he should do it ALL himself.

    “You shouldn?’?t back a project that does not deserve it. ?Why should you back if the developer does not have more to offer than a? “?vision?”? and some paper? ?sheets??

    who’s to say “it doesn’t deserve it? i guess $130,000 of BACKERS OWN MONEY?
    you obviously think you’re worth more than that alone-in just your OPINION.

    PS: it doesn’t look like there’s much ‘support’ of your views here on “” either, … just sayin.

    BTW- Sometimes.. the ‘best press’ is ‘bad press’. not that this little
    tidbit of a blog matters, but nonetheless.

    who are you? a blogger. WOOOHOO!
    go support something more than your ego.

  5. avatar Peter Parrish | March 29, 2013 at 10:53 pm |

    I’m not sure if there’s been some issues with reading comprehension here or what, but this story is based on comments by Colin Gilzean, producer on Battle Worlds: Kronos, about certain other Kickstarter projects started by developers who are already (in some cases) millionaires.

    It kind of seems like some people think this is a piece bashing the game? It’s actually exactly the opposite. We like the look of Battle Worlds a lot, which is why we’ve interviewed someone working on it.

    If it’s something else you’re unhappy about then I guess carry on.

  6. I am guessing people don’t understand how quotes work in text. *sigh*

  7. Xilos Solix, are you touched in the head?

    It is a quote from the maker of the game you are defending (Colin Gilzean), not from the writer of the news item you muppet. That goes for Jose Monclair too.

    Did you think the quotation marks “” were decoration — make it look all purdy? Also if those weren’t clue enough the “Colin Gilzean…..told IncGamers” should have tipped you off.

  8. avatar JerichoStar | March 31, 2013 at 5:34 am |

    I totally disagree with the fellow. A lot of big named publishers, who, yes, have lots of money, going to kickstarter aren’t doing it to one-up, out do, or otherwise filch cash from the consumer, but doing it so they can circumvent the publisher. Publishers are often the reason for great ideas turning into terrible games. Kickstarter allows for these folks to get around the publisher, as well, allow for the consumer to literally speak with their wallet. If the customer wants it, they will show that by paying for it. Richard Garriot and others like him do not have to drop a portion of their own fortune down to see their vision. They can ask the consumer to do it for them. And in doing, the consumer AND Richard Garriot reap the benefits.

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