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Arma 3’s second campaign episode dated for January

Bohemia Interactive have announced that the second episode of Arma 3‘s campaign will be released on 21 January 2014. The first episode (titled “Survive”) launched back at the end of October, and placed you in…

By: Tim McDonald

Arma 3 campaign launches, asks you to survive

Arma 3‘s campaign has been a long time coming, but the first of the three campaign episodes – titled Survive – has just launched. Somewhat inevitably, there’s a trailer. The Arma 3 campaign puts you…

By: Tim McDonald

Bohemia Interactive offers Arma 3 SITREP

Bohemia Interactive have released a second SITREP video that talks about the state of Arma 3, the features it offers, and where it’s likely to go next. Voiced by Andrew “Dslyecxi” Gluck, who’s rather well…

By: Tim McDonald

ARMA 3 patch 1.02 goes live

While we wait for the campaigns to be added to ARMA 3, Bohemia continues to patch up the tactical shooter. Today the first post-release update was pushed out taking the game to v1.02, and as…

By: Paul Younger

ARMA 3 Launches

ARMA 3 has finally been launched today after its lengthy alpha and beta test periods. When we say launched, its sort of been launched as there’s no full campaign included in the release, that’s to come…

By: Paul Younger

ARMA 3 release date finalised

Earlier this week Bohemia Interactive revealed that the ARMA 3 campaign would be released as three pieces of DLC so they could get the game finished and out the door. Today they’ve announced that game will…

By: Paul Younger

Chopper-tastic: New ARMA 3 video focuses on helicopters

Piloting choppers effectively in games is never easy so today’s video or Bohemia Interactive’s tactical FPS Arma 3 shows the principles of helicopter flight. The video has once again been put together by Andrew Gluck of ShackTactical…

By: Paul Younger

Arma 3 beta gets Arma’d Personnel Carriers

The Arma 3 beta is continuing to expand, with today’s update throwing in a pair of APCs, an anti-cheat system aimed at improving the multiplayer beta experience, and a bunch of general fixees. I don’t…

By: Tim McDonald

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